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January 2000

Monday, January 31, 2000

20,000 Visitor
We are very close to having our 20,000 visitor to the site.  If you are that lucky person then please could you take a screen shot of the page and send it to me along with details of why you visit the site and I will publish your name and details for the whole world to see.

Patch Updates
Please visit the Patches database for an update on all of the following patches:

New MRA Skins
Please find below screenshots of the 2 latest Skins I have received.  The first is a Rangers Skin from Colin Webster of the UK FIFA 99 FA Premiership Modem League fame and the second is the brilliant second version of Matias Reis' Audi TT Skin.

Click here for screen shot of Colin Webster's Rangers Skin The 'Sol' Man - click to visit the Download home of Skins Click here for screen shot of Matias Reis' brilliant new Audi TT Skin

New MRA Pitches
Matias Reis is in the process of developing a set of excellent MRA Pitches which will be available for download from this site.  Please view a sample of the pitches below.  The pitches developed so far include Wood, Sunny, Snow, Crazy and another.

Click here for screen shot of Matias Reis' Wood Pitch Click here for screen shot of Matias Reis' Grass Pitch

Click here for screen shot of Matias Reis' Snow Pitch

Click here for screen shot of Matias Reis' Crazy Pitch Click here for screen shot of Matias Reis' Grey Pitch

New Link to Nitrosoft
Please find a new link on the right of this page to Nitrosoft who are developers of great FIFA 2000 utilities including their latest product Jersey 2000.  They have also produced:

  • Adboard Manager
  • Ball Changer
  • Nitro 3D

Latest version of the MRA
I have been testing the latest version of the MRA today.  It should be distributed to Beta testers this week so hopefully it will be available for release by next weekend.  If you would like to be added to the list of Official Beta Testers then please send me an e-mail and I will provide you with a beta version as soon as it becomes available.

Saturday, January 29, 2000

FIFALA is on its HIGH TIMES again
I have received the following good news from Xavier Báez over at FIFA LA who has also informed me that the FIFA LA beta version is almost ready

CBF 2000
The Portuguese version of the patch will be produced by FIFA 2000 Central Brazil, Brazilian FIFA 2000 Online, and FIFA 2000 Brazil. The patch name is CBF 2000, Xavier has contacted EA SPORTS and hopefully FIFALA can release the patch on a CD ROM. IF this is the case, the Portuguese, Spanish and UK commentaries will be included in the CD. If not, there are possibilities that FIFA LA will publish the Portuguese and Spanish commentaries on its site.  

Click for full size picture




This screenshot shows the Portuguese version of FIFALA 2000, click for full size version.

The good news about this new FIFA LA team is that the CBF 2000 patch will include:
  • 128 color jerseys,
  • the LGP (Latin Graphics Patch), and
  • the BGP (Brazilian Graphics Patch)

More news soon in the Portuguese page of FIFALA 2000

The beta version of FIFALA 2000 (which will include the Mexican, Ecuadorian and Uruguayan leagues) will include the beta version of the PGL.

Click for full size version Click for full size version

These screenshots are the latest from the PGL, 
click for full size versions.

Xavier is talking with Ariel to determine all the changes that will be included in the patch. Some problem that he has is that the new Coca Cola publicity works with a edited FIFA.exe file. They are trying to determine if they will include the EXE file (currently made from the original EXE that came in the game) or if it is better to modify the EXE file of the FIFA 2000 Patch (solves multiplayer bugs in FIFA 2000) and publish the patch with the FIFA 2000 Patch included. 

The Coca Cola publicity will appear in the Golden Goal and Hatrick popups. The next screenshots of the PGL will include other publicity for red card and the substitution popups.  Another cool new feature is the new stadium weather. If you see at the pictures, you'll notice that there is no snow, now they have the FOG weather, much more realistic.

Other News from Xavier
Soon FIFALA will be on the new server, where will open.  Meanwhile the international version of FIFALA.COM will provide you with all the FIFA LA news that you need.

Also, in FIFALA three new patches are available and ready to download. 

  • The Club World Championship patch (the third version released in the FIFALA Network) is ready to be downloaded. This is the version of FIFA Colombia. Some of the features of this patch include the match sel menus for: Necaxa, Vasco, Corinthians, Manchester and Real Madrid.
  • For the Mexican fans, the Verano 2000 patch is ready. This is the updated Mexican league (made by Abiasí, the same guy who is in charge of the Mexican league in FIFALA 2000). This league brings the latest changes in this league. It also includes classic teams, kits, and much more.
  • And the latest league is the SLA 2.0 (Argentinean Super League 2.0). This patch includes the AGP 2.0 (Argentinean graphics patch 2.0), hex edited menus (text is in other places of the menu), 64 color kits, and many more.
Well, soon more news from FIFALA, including the next pictures of the LGP, the latest screenshots of Latin Leagues (beta version of FIFALA 2000) with the new (hopefully, the final ones) stripes turfs (for normal and hot weather), the rain turfs and also the snow stripe turfs. Also, in the next update FIFA LA will publish one of the first 128 color kits, the R-ball (will be used in the CBF 2000), and also the first chants files (that will also be included in the patch). In FIFA 2000 Central you can already download these patch files.

Friday, January 28, 2000

New Links
Please find new links on the right of this page to the following sites which are all worth a visit as they provide excellent services to all of us FIFA lovers:

News this weekend
If time allows there will be updates on the site this weekend regarding the following subjects:

  • Colin Webster's NEW Rangers Skin
  • Matias Reis' brilliant NEW Audi TT v2 Skin
  • Matias Reis' NEW MRA Pitches
  • latest details from Bob van Kasteren on the Holland 2000 Super Patch
  • latest details from Francisco Padilla on SSP 2000
  • latest details from Mohammed Huneidi on FIFA 2000 International Roster
  • latest details from Ozzie Montiel on MLS 2000
  • latest details from Xavier Báez on FIFALA

In the meantime, please visit the Patches database for the latest status regarding all forthcoming patches for FIFA 2000.  Also, if you want to spice up your MRA, visit the Skins Downloads site and grab yourself a new Skin.

Monday, January 24, 2000

New Portuguese and Audi Skins
My good friend Matias Reis from Portugal has produced his first version of his Skins for all Portuguese fans and all car enthusiasts.  Please click on thumbnails below for full size pictures or click on Sol to visit the home of the Skins Downloads.  Matias will be updating these Skins so please keep an eye on the site for these when they arrive.

NEW Screen Shot - Matias Reis' Portugal 2004 Skin (Click to View) The 'Sol' Man - click to visit the Download home of Skins NEW Screen Shot - Matias Reis' Portuguese Skin (Click to View)

NEW Screen Shot - Matias Reis' Audi TT Skin (Click to View)

Many Updates on Patches Under Development
Please see below then visit the Patches Database for a full update on the latest news regarding the following patches:

  • CBF 2000
  • FIFALA 2000
  • FSP 2000
  • UAE Super Patch
  • Treebeard's Rosters
  • FIFA 99 FA Premiership Modem League

CBF 2000
I have been chatting with Raul from Brazilian FIFA 2000 Online regarding the forthcoming CBF 2000 patch and 'Official MRA Compliancy'.  Raul is working on the Portuguese version of the FIFA Latinoamérica patch (CBF 2000) and will ensure it is compliant and he will be sending me the full set of features included in the patch this week.

He is also going to develop some Brazilian MRA Skins, so keep an eye on this site for them when they arrive.

Xavier from FIFA Lationoamérica will be forwarding me some further information regarding the full features of his forthcoming patch, which will be fully compliant.

FIFA Super Patch 2000 (FSP 2000)
Patrick from the FSP 2000 team has sent me full detail on the content of their forthcoming patch.  Please visit the Patches Database to see all the features which will be included.

UAE Super Patch
Majid from from the UAE Super Patch 2000 has sent me details of the features that will be included in their patch.  Please visit the Patches Database to see all the features which will be included.

Treebeard's Rosters v1.5
I have received an e-mail from Jochen Tree, of Treebeard's Rosters fame, who has informed me that he has tested a beta of his next roster release (30/1/00 v1.5) and is all set for MRA Compliancy.  This is great news for all us admirers of Treebeard's great Roster updates.

FIFA99 FA Premiership Modem League
My great friend Colin Webster, famous for running the most successful FIFA 99 Modem League in the UK, has made his latest set of files for his league 'Officially MRA Compliant'.  Visit Colin's site to catch up on all the news in the UK's favourite modem league.

Check back in the next few days for Colin's Glasgow Rangers Skin to be released.

Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Soccer Gaming Champions League 2000 (SGOCL 2000) Patch is Under Development
Remember the greatest patch of all time - the FGOCL for World Cup 98? EA Sports quality, everything up to date...

Now as a result of the latest poll over at FIFA 2000 Online, they have decided to bring you a new version of the patch for FIFA 2000 - the SGOCL 2000.

Rich, Mike and Sahar are working hard on this and you can keep up to date with their excellent progress by visiting the SGO Champions League site.  There are some great screen shots over there!

The SGOCL 2000 Patch is being developed by Rich to the requirements of the 'Officially MRA Compliant' Certification Programme.

For more info on the excellent SGO - click here


Click on me to see the Legal Screen

Click on screen shots for further info on the SGOCL 2000


Patch of the Day : The Millennium Update
Chris Davies has provided me the latest exciting details regarding the next release of the excellent PotD.

Click on the logo to the right to find out more information regarding Chris' latest patch.

For the latest on the PotD - Hit me!

Belgian Mega Pack (BMP) beta 2 is 'Officially MRA Compliant'
Go on - click me! Congratulations go to Timo and the lads again over at Belgian FIFA2K Dug Out who have released the 2nd beta version of the BMP, which has been certified as 'Officially MRA Compliant'.

Click on the logo to the left to find out more information regarding this patch.

Portuguese Season Under Development
I have received an e-mail from Hugo Martinho from Portugal who has informed me that he is developing a patch which features the Portuguese league (1º and 2º division).  Please keep an eye on the Compliant Patches page for progress with this project.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Coming this week
Sorry for the lack updates over the weekend but I have been very busy re-organising the rooms in my house.  Please return during this week to find details on:

  • Portuguese Skins developed by Matias Reis
  • Updated Compliant Patches database with new details for the latest on PotD, SGOCL & BMP
  • Update on latest release of the MRA

Friday, January 14, 2000

'Officially MRA Compliant' Patches are here
Details on how to make your patch 'Officially MRA Compliant' (including the Resource Kit) and a database of all the latest compliant patches are now available.  Please visit here if you are interested in ensuring your patch is compliant or want to see the definitive list of all existing and forthcoming 'Officially MRA Compliant' patches.

Click here for screen shot of MRA with 'Officially Compliant' notes Click here for screen shot of MRA with 'Officially Compliant' graphic

If you are developing a patch and would like to ensure it is certified as 'Officially MRA Compliant', please could you send me the following details so I can post them on the site and provide a definitive database of all FIFA 'MRA Compliant' patches.

  • Patch Name
  • Patch Features
  • Release Date
  • Size (Mbs)
  • Home Page

Belgian Mega Pack (BMP) is 'Officially MRA Compliant'
Congratulations go to Timo and the lads over at Belgian FIFA2K who have released the beta version of the BMP and have made it 'Officially MRA Compliant'.  I have downloaded it and it works a treat.

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Latest 'Officially MRA Compliant' Patches
For your information, I am currently having discussions with the following patch developers who are very keen at making their patches 'Officially Compliant'.  They have already received an early version of the Resource Kit.

New Loading Swipe
My thanks go out to Rich Butler, the graphics king himself, who has produced us an excellent swipe which will be displayed at loading time in the next version of the MRA.  Please click on thumbnail for full sized version.
Click on thumbnail for Full Size version

As a sign of your appreciation, please visit Rich's new site which he is now working on, Total World Soccer.

Monday, January 10, 2000

Unfortunately, due to family commitments I have been unable to complete my work this weekend on the 'Officially MRA Compliant Toolkit'.  Hopefully I should be in a position to post it later this week.

Friday, January 07, 2000

New Skins for Shania Twain Fans
In a board and hopeless moment during the Christmas break I started to doodle with a design idea for an MRA Skin when I came across a lovely picture of Shania Twain.  Please find two similar Skins for Shania for download, as I could not decide which button text colours I preferred so I decided to release both in the end.  I hope you enjoy the beauty of Shania as part of your MRA!

NEW Screen Shot - Shania Twain - with Flesh button text (Click to View) The 'Sol' Man NEW Screen Shot - Shania Twain - with Grey button text (Click to View)


Patch of the Day is 'Officially MRA Compliant'
As previously reported Chris has 
now provided me with a file which can be added to your version of the PotD which will deem the patch MRA Compliant.  I will make this file available for download over this weekend.

Please visit their site in the meantime and support their excellent work.

GFA 2000 to be 'Officially MRA Compliant'
I am currently having discussions with Stefan from GFO 2k, the German FIFA 2000 Online site, who is in the process of developing GFA 2000, the German FIFA 2000 Add-on.  He is very interested in ensuring GFO 2000 is certified as MRA compliant which should benefit a lot of you as the last version of their patch GFA 99 was downloaded over 17,000 times!

I will keep you posted of progress with this exciting development.

Officially MRA Compliant Toolkit
I am currently developing web pages for providing patch developers a source of information to assist in making their patch 'Officially MRA Compliant'.

Resources that will be included are:

  • example of the text file that should be included in the patch that the MRA uses
  • example of the logo that should be included in the patch that the MRA uses
  • an MRA Advertising board that can be included in the patch
  • the 'Officially Compliant' logo that should be used in the patch graphics
  • sample text that should be included in patch documentation to qualify the patch as compliant

I am also looking to provide a database of all compliant patches so that you have a central resource to check on the status of all FIFA patches.  Ultimately I would like this database to be maintained by patch developers so they could register their patches and then you the users could record your comments against a patch, i.e. "this patch is very compliant and loads brilliantly", or perhaps more adverse comments - but lets hope not.

If you are a patch developer and are interested in ensuring your patch is 'Officially MRA Compliant', please do not hesitate to contact me.

Next version of the MRA is under development
To coincide with the Officially MRA Compliant project we have finalised development plans today for the next release of the MRA.  The main focus on this stage of the development is to provide the easiest route to using multiple patches with your game of FIFA.

New features will include:

  • change of emphasis from Leagues to Patches
  • Ability to easily reset game to default FIFA settings
  • Improve installation program which is currently hindered by limitations of Visual Basic
  • Provide toggle on Leagues (Patches in future) tab for Notes/Comments and a Logo for the Patch
  • and hopefully, the ability to specify your 'Favourite' patches which you always like to to be installed in your game, i.e. a ball, turfs, etc.. They will always then override anything installed by another patch.

This new version will hopefully be available in the next couple of weeks to coincide with the increasing number of patches which are being certified as 'Officially MRA Compliant'.

Wednesday, January 05, 2000

IMU Beta is Officially MRA Compliant
The great new Italian Millennium Update beta patch from Vito and the lads over at is officially MRA compliant as long as you follow these instructions.

Due to a limitation of the current version of the MRA you need to rename the directory which the IMU setup program creates from 'Data' to 'data' as the MRA is currently case sensitive.  This will be fixed in the next release of the MRA available in the next couple of weeks.

You will now be able to enjoy the benefits of the IMU and the PotD, as I do and my two boys love them both, with your one version of FIFA 2000 and just one MRA- Enjoy!

When the official version 1 of the IMU is released it will be fully tested and certified FIFA-MRA compliant which is great news for everybody.

Monday, January 03, 2000

Happy New Year to you all
I hope you all had a great New Year and we look forward to joining you in the 21st century as we continue to develop the MRA for your benefit.

Officially MRA Compliant Patches
Since the start of development of the MRA it has always been my intention to ensure you only to have to have one version of your FIFA game installed but still enable you to enjoy the benefits of the many patches that are available for the game.  The obvious

benefit of this being a saving on your disk space and the ease of installation of any add-ons and patches.

I have now started discussions with official patch developers, who are more than happy to make their patches 'Officially MRA Compliant', and therefore ensure to you that you can benefit from their patch without having to load on another version of your FIFA game.  This shows great commitment from the patch developers and the MRA Team to provide you with a utility that really makes a difference.

What will this mean to us I here you ask:

  1. You will only need one installation of your FIFA game

  2. You will be able to install the patch into your FIFA game via the MRA thus saving on multiple installs of the game or copying files around when you want to play a different patch

  3. You can rest assured that any patches with the 'Officially MRA Compliant' logo will have been fully tested for use with the MRA and will work effectively after you have taken the effort to download them.

Over the course of the next week I will be continuing discussions with patch makers and creating an 'Official MRA Compliant Toolkit' for all patch developers which will provide them with a web page of information and resources to ensure they can provide their patch the status of 'Officially MRA Compliant'.

Hopefully this will set a standard that all patch developers will strive for to provide you the users the benefits of all the excellent add-ons which are now being provided.

Patch of the Day is 'Officially MRA Compliant'
I have been talking to Chris Davies 
from the PotD team who is more than happy to ensure that all future versions of the Patch of the Day are MRA compliant.  We will be adding a file to the downloads section this week, which if you already have PotD you can install, and it will describe how to make your existing PotD MRA Compliant.  

I have also added a link to Chris' excellent new site.  Please visit it and support their excellent work.