November 2000

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Coming this week...

After the massive success of the weekend with the great Patches Database update we have some more new treats for you this week including:
  • a beta testers view of the new version of the MRA
  • 2 great new MRA Skins
  • full features of new Patches as we are provided with the details

We will also be releasing very soon a translation utility for the new MRA so we can ensure the MRA is delivered in as many languages as possible. Check out the Languages page for the current list of languages the MRA is available for. If you would like to develop a language that is not listed then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Keep an eye here for all the latest on this and all Skins, Patches and MRA developments.

Posted by Dave

Saturday, November 25, 2000

Portuguese and World Rosters Update

My very good friend Matias Reis from Portugal has developed a patch for Fifa 2001 for all of you Portuguese fans who are missing your national squad. In Matias' words:

"This is a Special update because the main theme of this roster is the Portuguese National Squad. This update contains:

  • the Portuguese National Squad,
  • a world update on the rosters,
  • in-game flags of Portugal,
  • and the Portuguese Badge in the Team selection Menu."
Click for larger image of this great patch

Check out the screenshots above and then download your own copy of this great patch from the ever expanding Patches Database

Posted by Dave

Lots of new changes and events happening over at Greek Tournaments

Kostas from Greek Tournaments has contacted me with the following exciting news:
  • GSP 2001 release date has been moved up from it's Christmas holiday release date. Expected release within the next two weeks!
  • New section has opened dedicated to the GSP. There you can find info on the patch and many screen shots. Here is a sample of the menus and a referee jersey used in the Greek league.
Press against me for a larger image   Press against me for a larger image
Press against me for a larger image


  • FIFA 2001 TCP/IP and Matchup option reviews.
  • Those of you who are still interested in enrolling for the tournament can still do so but must hurry.
  • New Tournament page will also be opening in a few days.
  • The site is also available in English so don't hesitate to pay a visit over to

Full features of this patch can be found in the Patches Database.

Posted by Dave

From Then to Eternity Update

I have received the following update from Ramon who is developing the excellent FTtE patch here as part of the MRA Patch Developments.

"This great patch will enable you to relive classic bouts or create a dream match in between the best squads in history, club or international. I'm aiming for 24 teams, and then making a saved game file in which I'll have the little cup to battle out who will be the greatest team of all time. I hope we can find some people to make the grey stadium textures and the grey turfs, and with the coloured players it'll make an interesting kind of retrospect".

If you would like to assist with the development of this great patch or suggest a team from the past that you feel is worthy of being in this patch then please contact Ramon by clicking here.

Posted by Dave

Portuguese Super Patch 2001 Update

We have received the following update from Jose and the PSP2001 team.

"I would just like to let you in on what's happening around the patch. It's 85% done and just menus and turfs to do. Features include:

  • the line ups, formations, IGM, and players are all up to date
  • Also a never before seen 32-bit adboards created from scratch they look awesome
  • All 36 kits in all are in 64 colour
  • And a few edited popups will be released in Version 1.0.

We hope to have the patch released in the coming weeks. We also got one of the biggest official club supporter group for SL Benfica to join the team called "Diabos Vermelhos" which will have their supporter group featured in the SL Benfica stadium for Fifa2001 in the next release which will include stadiums".

Press against me for a larger image

Sounds great stuff so keep an eye here for all the updates on this patch as it develops.

Posted by Dave

Have a great Christmas with TUDU 2001

Ferry has informed me that he will have a great Christmas present ready for you in the form of TUDU 2001. Features of this great patch to include:
  • Complete updated rosters for KPN-Eredivisie and TOTO-Divisie
  • All kits for those teams up to date
  • New ingame graphics (ball, adboards, etc.)
  • New popups patches
  • Online TUDU league
  • More to be announced

Press against me for a larger image

Full details of this and all Patches can be found in the Patches Database.

Posted by Dave

Friday, November 24, 2000

Big Fifa 2001 Patches update coming this weekend

I am preparing myself for this weekend when we will have a massive Fifa 2001 Patches Update for you all. Great new patches that we will have full details on include:
  • From Then to Eternity
  • Portuguese Super Patch 2001
  • TUDU 2001

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to anyone who is finding missing images and downloads as we are having real problems updating the new server with our files. I will keep you informed of our progress with this but thank you for your patience.

Posted by Dave

Thursday, November 23, 2000

Argentina "World Cup 2002 Edition" patch is released

I have received the following news from Ariel from FIFA Express,

"FIFA Express is about FIFA 2001 only and includes the exclusive Argentinian patch. May be you remember the PGL, well that patch was made by me. And now we make the Argentina "World Cup 2002 Edition". A patch that includes:

  • the kits of the Argentian national team,
  • the actual roster of Argentina,
  • ad boards with the official sponsors of 2002 World Cup,
  • a great new ball,
  • new menus
  • and the IGGex (In Game Graphics express 1.0)".

Sorry - no larger image of me!

Check out the screenshot above, visit the Patches Database for a full list of features and then visit FIFA Express to download this patch.

Posted by Dave

Mexico 2000 Patch Updated

The lads over at Mexico Fifalatinoamerica 2000 have informed me that a new update of the Mexico 2000 Patch for Fifa 99 is available on their site. Features include:
  • New Turfs
  • New type of Nets
  • Updated Mexican teams
  • Lots of new in game graphics
  • New GK Jerseys
  • Some stadiums improved

Press against me for larger image

Check out screen shot above and then see the full features of this patch in the Patches Database.

The lads have also informed me they are working very hard on their new Verano 2001 Patch. Keep an eye here for more news on this soon

Posted by Dave

Sunday, November 19, 2000

New MRA is shipped out for Beta testing

Today we have sent out the totally new version of the MRA for beta testing. We are away for a couple of days now so we will keep you informed on progress when we return on Wednesday.

Posted by Dave

Saturday, November 18, 2000

Please say a big hello to Sweetpatch!

After months of hard work we are proud to release our total new look site and welcome you to your very own MRA personal assistant - Sweetpatch.

Sweetpatch over the coming months will provide you all the information you need to ensure you can maximise your gaming experience. We have many exciting and new features in the pipeline which we know you will find invaluable. Check out the Flash above and take take a tour of the new site.


The new site still has a few areas which have not been fully converted to the new design plus we are currently uploading most of the downloads but please bare with us on this as they should be completed by next week. We wanted to make sure you had to wait no longer to meet Sweetpatch.

In the next week the new version of the MRA will be going out to all beta testers so within a couple of weeks we should have the newest and greatest MRA which will include support for:

We hope you find all the new features, the new MRA plus all our coverage of all the Super Patches for Fifa 2001 will keep you wanting to come back for more.

Posted by Dave

Sunday, November 12, 2000

The Big Match in Greece

The lads over at just sent some of their latest work they have done on their new patch that they are making - the Greek Super Patch 2001.

Appropriately with today's Big Match between arch rivals Panathinaikos and Olympiakos you can check out some of the screen shots they sent me.

The big match
Click for larger image   Click for larger image

Just a reminder the site also has an English version. So head over there to check out their latest screen shots on the GSP 2001.

Posted by Dave

Friday, November 10, 2000

The Shape of Things to Come!

"I sit and wait, " I hum to myself the great Robbie Williams song "Angels" as it sums up my sentiments completely. I am hoping my version of Fifa 2001 will come through the letter box today so I can enjoy the benefits of this great game.

Talking of Angels, as we mentioned previously we are working very hard on the release of the new site which we are very excited about. As a taster of the shape of things to come, check out the screen shot below and see what we have in store for you very soon!

The shape of things to come!

For everybody who has already got the game, enjoy. For everybody in the UK enjoy along with me today hopefully!

Posted by Dave

Wednesday, November 8, 2000

Excitement Extreme - Coming Very Soon!

Sorry news has been slow at the moment but we are working very very hard on our brand new site design. We will very soon be able to release to you the new site which is packed full of excitement. Everyone who has witnessed it so far has been stunned by its new presentation.

When it is released there will be a brand new person on the Fifa scene who will change our outlook on the gaming scene forever! I will tease you no more.

Posted by Dave

New Version of the MRA

We are currently finalising the next version of the MRA which will have full Fifa 2001 compatibility. It will even cater for the new file formats. We are just waiting to do a full test programme on the game when it is released here in the UK this weekend. We will then be releasing it to beta testers for their seal of approval.

If you would like to be part of the MRA Beta Testing Programme then please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here and I will distribute it to you as soon as we are ready.

Posted by Dave

Sunday, November 5, 2000

Fifa Online Superpatch v5 Released

The lads over at have informed us that their last Fifa 2000 version of their great patch (version 5) has been released.

Check out the screen shot above, check the full feature list in the Patches Database and then download this great patch from Fifa Online

Posted by Dave

CBF 2000 has been released

At long last Raul and his friends have released the much anticipated CBF 2000, which is the Portuguese version of the FIFALA patch. Features include:
  • Updated Leagues from around Europe and South America
  • Cups
    • Libertadores da América
    • Mundial de Clubes Trféu
  • FIFA Kits - all the Brazilians first division kits (128 colours) and some Europe team kits
  • New Goalkeeper kits too...
  • the patch MR3D that change
    • the skins of the players...
    • new faces for the players...
    • a new kind of hair...
  • Menus popups modified only for 3D.
  • some new Menus.
  • a new pitch texture, and others textures ingame... like crowds...

Check out the full feature list in the Patches Database.

Posted by Dave

From Then to Eternity Patch is under way

The excellent "From Then to Eternity" Patch for Fifa 2001 has begun its development this week. Ramon Vargas from the excellent MRA Patch Development Team has informed me that he has begun work on this patch and he is very excited about it.

Keep an eye here for all the latest news during the development of this great patch.

Posted by Dave

Saturday, November 4, 2000

New Greek Super Patch 2001 Screen Shots Every Day

Yup that's right. Everyday from now on the lads over at have GSP 2001 screen shots until it's release.

Click for larger image   Click for larger image

Check out the screen shots above and then go to to check them out every day.

Posted by Dave

Friday, November 3, 2000

Coming very soon to a browser near you

As Fifa 2001 starts to run on our PC's we have many exciting and new features arriving for your here. Many hours of hard work have gone into planning, designing and building a whole new experience for you. Hopefully you will all find this very refreshing and it will help you get the most out of your new Fifa 2001 game.

Things to look forward to include:

  • brand new site design
  • totally rewritten MRA which will provide all the features of your current MRA plus many more over the coming months
  • totally unique experience for gaming websites! We know you will like this.
  • brand new interactive Patches Database to ensure you can obtain the maximum information on all your favourite patches

You wont have to wait long now to benefit from all these great new features. In the meantime, if you would like to become part of our growing team, whether you enjoy creating graphical patches or would just like to help around the site then please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here. We would love to have you as part of the excellent MRA Team.

Posted by Dave

Wednesday, November 1, 2000

New Patches for Fifa 2001

As the excellent Fifa 2001 demo is now resident on all of our PC's, the patch developers of the world can now see the new graphic formats and we are already starting to receive news of Super Patches which are being developed for this great new game.

The latest details we have received are from Jose Goncalves who developed the Portuguese Super Patch 2000 and Kostas Kyriopoulos who developed the Greek Super Patch 2000 over at Greek Tournaments.

Portuguese Super Patch 2001
This will be fantastic news for all those disappointed people who love and support the Portuguese National and League teams. Let me assure you this is one of the e-mails we have received the most times from you all regarding their exclusion from Fifa 2001.

Jose has started work on this patch and he already has a 64 colour SL Benfica home kit and 30 adboards. This patch will be similar to PSP2000 but with more features which will be named later. More details to come soon.

Early Benfica Kit

Greek Super Patch 2001
The GSP 2001 is ready and rolling and has started being developed. Head over to to get an early glimpse on some screen shots.

To keep updated on these patches and all Super Patches that are being developed for Fifa 2001, keep an eye on the World's number 1 Patches Database.

Posted by Dave