December 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Incoming CEP releases!

CEP Career Expansion PatchMaybe not all the CEP user know that since this summer all the CEP informations are on the new sweetpatch website:, where thanks to Dave Witts I've been able to write few news about the CEP development as I'm still not able to update the new CEP minisite and most of all because I've been very busy during this autumn. Anyway since September I've worked with the collaboration of some updaters to update the rosters for the new season, to update the kits to the present season and increasing the huge CEP Miniheads Addon version addon that will cover almost all the main CEP leagues.

The difficulty in producing a CEP 2008 version has been of course the new format of the kits: at the beginning of November I've found a technical solution to use the fifa 2007 kits inside the game, and so the loooong process of conversion started. During these weeks I've completed both the final 2007 CEP version and the first one for fifa 2008 and I'm actually in a short phase of testing. Basically I did not added any new leagues, as I wanted to concentrate on update and precision of the rosters and as I realized how hard is to find precise information about the teams of some remote leagues. So the last new is that new CEP 2007 and CEP 2008 are both ready, that during these holidays I should be able to upload them and that you will able to play again with the most ambitious extension to your favorite EA game. After this first release (that will be the CEP 5.0 version) I'll work on the winter transfer market, on the leagues that still need to be updated (you will find information about leagues update status in the Join CEP section of THIS website), and on the new version of CEP Miniheads addon, then together with Esterry we'll start the new section of CEP addons: the stadiums addon, that will be another ambitious step in upgrading and expanding your fifa. Actually I am able to update THIS website, and is here that you will find the last information: I hope to update soon all the sections of this website, waiting to have access to the minisite too. Stay tuned here anyway for news about the release of the patches!

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