March 2000

Friday, March 31, 2000

2 Great New Skins

We have 2 great news Skins available for you today to download. They are Pavel Nedved of Lazio, which is the next in the excellent Skins series from Jordan Stavridis, plus an Iran Skin from Shahryar Fekri.

Please refer to the screenshots below and then visit the Skins Download page to get your copies.

Click for full size pictureClick for full size picture

Apologies for the lack of news updates at the moment but the majority of my time is currently spent preparing for the release of our new site and the next version of the MRA plus co-ordinating all the new language mirror sites. Please be patient with us as it will be worth the wait!

In the meantime please visit the Forum and:

Posted by Wittser

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Language Mirror Sites

In conjunction with the next version of the MRA, which will have support for multi languages, I have received interest from people to run mirror sites for the MRA.  We have currently got agreement with Webmasters from Egypt, Greece and Norway for running mirror sites.  

If you are a fan of the MRA and would like to be the webmaster for a language mirror of your choice then please contact me and inform me of your previous experiences with regard to web sites and html editors and what you can offer to the MRA world.  You will be required to translate the site into your selected language plus keep the news up to date on a regular basis.  The site will have the url of

This is all part of the next phase in the MRA's world wide development when we will be moving to our own new url at
courtesy of Matt Holme and new site design courtesy of Lior Fengas.

Please return regularly for news on this development and contact me if you are interested in running an MRA mirror site.

Posted by Wittser

Sunday, March 26, 2000

Latest goings on in the world of the MRA

We are back after a few days away to inform you of the exciting and busy times here at the MRA. Since the MRA has gone world wide with the introduction of multi language support into the next version things have really started taking off. We currently have over 20 different languages under development via our MRA Associates from around the globe.

Out of this exercise has also come interest for running language mirrors for the MRA site. We currently have sites agreed from Norway, Egypt and Greece. If you are interested in running a mirror site then please contact me. The will be more news on this later in the week.

As part of this explosion with the MRA we will also soon be moving to our own new URL at, courtesy of Matt Holme. To coincide with our new site we have a brand new site design in progress courtesy of Lior Fengas of Fifa 2000 Online Downloads fame.

We are currently working on the next release of the MRA in which we are taking advantage of the latest development tools and rewriting from scratch. This will provide you with a much lighter, efficient and faster MRA. If you have any features you would like to see included in a future release then please visit the forum and post your suggestions.

At the same time we have the following projects underway in association with the MRA:
  • The MRA Mega Patch and Adboard Competition by Matias Reis

  • A new Dutch KPN Telecompetition patch being developed by Remco Timmermans which will be hosted by this site

  • A new set of MRA Skins will be available here shortly
For further details on all of these projects please check back regularly for updates.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2000

How can we improve the MRA for you?

We are currently planning the next exciting release of the MRA and we would welcome your input into this process. Please post a reply to the thread I have started in the MRA Forum. Please, please, please take a moment of your valuable time to give us some feedback on what you feel could be added or improved with the next MRA.

Some kind people have also started a link regarding positive feedback on the MRA.  Please feel free to add your comments to this.

Posted by Wittser

SGO CL Patch is Released

The much awaited patch from Rich and the lads has been released over at The patch is 15.4Mb so if like me you may well be waiting till the weekend to download it - I can't wait! I will post further details in the Patches Database section when I have downloaded it.

In the meantime, pay them a visit and get the low down on this fantastic patch.

Posted by Wittser

Monday, March 20, 2000

Fifanet Update for Fifa 2000 (version 3) is released

Jordan and the lads over at have released their highly anticipated update for Fifa 2000. It is packed full of features including:
  • Greek Rosters update

  • Real Jerseys home & away for all Greek teams

  • New referee jersey

  • New mitre official EPAE ball

  • New shorts, socks and shoes

  • New player in game set of cursors

  • New Greek ad boards

  • New Ad after goal

  • New real life Mega Channel banner

  • New in game graphics

  • New superb set of realistic turfs for all weather conditions

  • New menu backgrounds

  • New title screen

  • New crowds on the stadium

  • New starting screen

  • New Menu backgrounds

  • Update Premiership, Scottish Premier, MLS, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, French Championnat and Dutch squads, squad numbers, kits, appearances, and line-ups

  • Many missing players added
Full details of the patch can be found in the MRA Patches database and the patch can be downloaded at

Posted by Wittser

Sunday, March 19, 2000

Belgian Mega Patch (BMP) version 1 is released

The excellent patch from Timo and the team over at the new Benelux Fifa has been released.  The patch includes:
  • Up to date Rosters

  • New Menu Interface

  • New Kits
    - All 18 Belgian 'Eerste Klasse' Teams (Home and Away) 64-color

  • New Turfs
    - 3D Grass Textures Voodoo Version 1.0

  • Adboards
    - Canal+, Safir, VTM, Adidas, Het Laatste Nieuws, ASLK, Humo, Generale Bank, Coca Cola, Nike, Agfa, Ippa, Euro2000, FIFA-MRA
The patch is very MRA Compliant and is well worth a look. Pay the lads a visit over at their great new look site at and download the patch plus first update while you are there.

Posted by Wittser

Thursday, March 16, 2000

MRA Mega Patch Adboard Contest

Today we announce the opening of the MRA MEGA PATCH Adboard Contest. This is a contest where you will be able to make adboards for anything you want including:
  • adboard promoting  your site

  • adboard promoting yourself, 

  • or even an adboard regarding your favourite cartoons,

  • whatever you want really 

The best 11 adboards we receive will be selected and included in the MRA MEGA PATCH. So make yours a rectangular image of 128x16 pixels and send it to Matias. Please don't delay so you can help us finish the MRA MEGA PATCH as quickly as possible.

Posted by Wittser

Assistance required with the MRA Mega Patch

I have received the following request from Matias who is co-ordinating the MRA Mega Patch project for us here at FIFA-MRA.

As everyone knows, we are making the MRA MEGA PATCH, and it will change a lot of things in Fifa, from the menus to the players appearance, including the MRA team, and also new music. If anybody is able to assist with the graphics for this patch then please mail me and let me know what you are able to offer.  

And don't forget to visit the forum and vote for the top 5 songs that you would like included in the MRA MEGA PATCH.

Posted by Wittser

Latest News from Treebeard's Rosters

I have been chatting with Jochen regarding his next update of his famous Rosters. He is currently reworking all his rosters from scratch using the soon to be released FEd2000.

Exciting new developments within the next release include:
    English Nationwide Teams.
    Added Fulham, Wolves, Man City, Tranmere Rovers and Bolton to Nationwide League Teams.
    Entered Bolton and Man City into FA Cup in place of Birmingham and N.Forest.
    Norwegian Eliteserien incl. promoted teams (Start, Byrne, Haugesrund
    Belgian Jupiler Liga.
    Israeli Premier League
    Added Galatasary to Turkish Telsim 1.Ligi.

    Brazilian Club Teams.
    Major League Soccer courtesy of John Rider.

    Czech Republic, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Turkey added to International Teams.

    Updated kit designs courtesy of Joey Jones
    New stadia for AC Milan, Ajax, Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Glasgow Celtic, Juventus, Lazio and Real Madrid courtesy of FIFA Italia (
Keep up to date with progress of Jochen's great Rosters at Treebeard's FIFA Rosters where the next version will be available by 2nd April.

Posted by Wittser

Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Greek Super Patch 2000 Update

We have received some great news from Kostas over at regarding the development of the Greek Super Patch 2000.  It will feature:
  • Full 25 man roster for all Greek teams

  • New updated rosters for all leagues

  • Complete Jerseys for all Greek teams, all CL teams and most UEFA Cup teams.

  • New special shorts that AEK, Iraklis and three color shorts for Panionios and Panathinakos

  • New name brand Socks and Shoes

  • New EPO Referee and Goalie kits

  • New ANT1, ANTENNA LIVE TV ingame graphics

  • New menus

  • Currently being tested for compatibility issues regarding Greek Edition and the rest

  • Soon to be released in the up coming weeks
Click for full screen shotClick for full screen shot

Click for full screen shot

Check out their site to keep upto date with this patch, which will also be Officially MRA Compliant which is great news.

Posted by Wittser

Tuesday, March 14, 2000

Progress Update with MRA Translations

We have had an excellent response so far for translating the MRA into foreign languages. Thanks to everybody who has offered to help. Languages offered to us to date are:
  • Arabic

  • Armenian

  • Bosnian

  • Chinese

  • Croatian

  • Czechoslovakian

  • Danish

  • Dutch

  • French

  • German

  • Greek

  • Hebrew

  • Icelandic

  • Iranian

  • Italian

  • Norwegian

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Serbian

  • Spanish

  • Swedish

  • Turkish
If you are able to translate into any other languages then please make contact with us to offer your services so that we can make the MRA truly useful all around the world.

Posted by Wittser

Great New Skins from Jordan Stavridis

I have received 3 great Skins for Jordan over at Please check them out below and then if you like what you see download them from the Skins Download Pages. There will be more excellent Skins from Jordan to follow soon.

Click for full screen shotClick for full size screen shot

Click for full size screen shot

Posted by Wittser

Today is MLS2000 Day

Today, as promised, the excellent MLS 2000 Patch has been released over at Fifa Centre Spot MLS 2000 by Ozzie and the team. This patch is a must for all MLS fans, it is far better than any MLS update ever made for the FIFA soccer game series.

It includes:
  • 128 color Kits for the new MLS2000 season jerseys. All home and away kits were created as well as some A league clubs.

  • 10 Funky Keeper 2000 jerseys compliments of FIFA Centre Spot's Kit Shop

  • MLS in season play along with the US Open Cup.

  • 4 A-league Clubs can be promoted to the MLS in multiple season play.

  • 16 A-league clubs have been added. 12 of them replace Denmark.

  • MLS 2000 is 'Officially MRA Compliant' which is great news

Click for full size pictureClick to visit MRA Patches databaseClick for full size picture

For more information, snapshots, and MLS downloads, please visit the web site at

Posted by Wittser

Thursday, March 9, 2000

Translators required for the MRA

We have received a number of requests from around the world to translate the MRA into your language. To achieve this we require a small number of phrases translating and then the MRA can be provided in your language.

If you are able to translate from English into your own or another foreign language then please send me a request for the language you can translate into and if I have not already received it I will send you the phrases to be translated.

Please send your application to me so we can provide the MRA in as many different languages as possible.

Posted by Wittser

Iranian Patch v2.0 Released

Shahryar Fekri from Iranian FIFA 2000 Online has contacted us to inform you about:

The Iranian Patch v2.0 for FIFA 2000 has been released, you can download it from 

The new features of Patch 2.0 are:
  • Iranian Flag

  • Edited "Match Select" background

  • New transferred players

  • New attributes & faces of players

  • New jerseys of teams

  • New jersey of Iran (Home)

Click for full size screenshot

Click for full size screenshotClick for full size screenshot

Posted by Wittser

Wednesday, March 8, 2000

New Trial Full Release of MRA

We have today released a new trial Full version of the MRA, which includes Microsoft's latest Visual Basic Run Time Files (VBRun60sp3.exe), which should cure all problems people have been having with their MRA. If you have encountered any of the following error conditions and your MRA is still not working then I would recommend downloading this new version.
  • The file OLEAUT32.DLL is out of date

  • Run-time error 429 - ActiveX component can't create object

  • Missing .DLL file MSVBV60.DLL
These problems have arisen through the use of the new Install program which had difficulties identifying all the required Visual Basic files.

Please post your findings with this new version in the comments below this piece of news. If this version proves to be successful then we will release this as the latest Full version.

There is also a little surprise for you with this new version!!!

Posted by Wittser

Tuesday, March 7, 2000

Chico v.0.4 hits town !!!!

Pay a visit to the home of the Chico where the following news is posted:

Click for full size picture of version 0.4b of the Chico

Long time no see... after one month Chico returns into the ring ! version 0.4 is the last beta version of chico, the next version shall be Final Version 1.0, with many new features like Edit (!) *.fsh files with the help of Sonique FSH 4 Windows, by Tal Bereznitskey.

New features (version 0.4) :

- bug fixes.
- New Audio Window.
- New Video Window.
- Drag & Drop Support.
- Drag & Drop FSH Files.
- Print Option.
- New Scroll Bars.
- Increase files from within the Internal Viewer.
- Other Graphical & Technical Improvements.

* More Than 25,000 users downloaded chico till today !!! Thank You All !

Go and pay the lads a visit, download the Chico and thank them for all their excellent work.

Posted by Wittser

Monday, March 6, 2000

3 More Great MRA Skins

We have received 3 more excellent Skins for your MRA's. Please check out the screen shots below and then visit the Skins Download pages to get your own copies.

Click on screen shot for full size version of Flamengo SkinClick on screen shot for full size version of Ranger's Skin
Click on screen shot for full size version of Real Madrid Skin

Posted by Wittser

Another CBF2000 Screenshot

We have received another great screenshot from Raul over at Brazilian Fifa 2000 Online regarding their forthcoming CBF2000 patch. Please visit them to keep up to date with progress of this excellent patch.

Click for full size picture of the CBF 2000 Patch

Posted by Wittser

Jordan Stavridis & Greek Patches will be Officially MRA Compliant

I recently received a very nice message from Jordan regarding the great news that all future patches from the stables will be MRA Compliant.  Please pay them a visit and check out some screen shots of their forthcoming Greek Super Patch.

Posted by Wittser

Thursday, March 2, 2000

MRA Mega Patch

Please find below an article from my good friend Matias Reis who is co-ordinating the production of the MRA Mega Patch.

Click for full size picture of MRA Mega Patch

Here is a big notice for all MRA users, its coming the MRA MANIAAAAAAAAAA.  The MRA MEGA Patch, is a patch that we are creating (David Witts and Matias Reis, with help from Rich Butler).  This patch will include:
  • a combo of MRA logo pitches; 

  • a ball;

  • the kit of MRA in 64 colour mode (excellently produced by Rich Butler);

  • and even an MRA goalie kit;
    these kits are created for the big MRA TEAM, it will be team on FIFA like many others but it will have custom players, with edited faces it means that it will have David's face, Rich's face, and my face of course, among many others;

  • it will also have customized adboards;

  • Im also thinking of including an ingame graphic change; 

  • and i was almost forgetting it will have different game Music (for the music i made a topic on the forum, so please read the forum and vote for your favourite music);

  • and i am also going to make the MRA STADIUM

Click for full size picture of MRA Mega Patch Click for full size picture of MRA Mega Patch

So by the end this is the things the MRA MEGA Patch will include. Please visit the forum to vote for your favourite music and any ideas you would like to see included in the patch.

Also, if you are able to assist with the patch then please contact me with what you would like to contribute.

Check back regularly for updates on the MRA Mega Patch.

Matias Reis

Posted by Wittser

Wednesday, March 1, 2000

CBF2000 Update

I have received some great screenshots from Raul over at Brazilian Fifa 2000 Online regarding their forthcoming CBF2000 patch.  The patch will have the Brazilian Leagues and more around the World like Argentinean, Italian and more.  Please visit them to keep up to date with progress of this excellent patch.

Click for excellent screen shot of CBF 2000Click for excellent screen shot of CBF 2000
Click for excellent screen shot of CBF 2000Click for excellent screen shot of CBF 2000

Raul will be providing me with full details of the patches features soon and he has also informed me that the patch will be released on 26th March 2000. Please stay tuned to this site for updates on this patch.

Posted by Wittser