May 2000

Wednesday, May 31, 2000


Hey Guys! I am Philippe Beaupain from The Netherlands, And I'm glad to say that I'm join the team of the famous FIFA-MRA, Also I will make a Dutch mirror site and a Dutch Translate for FIFA-MRA.
Also I will post the latest news here, and I hope than that's usefully for you!

Posted by Philippe

Great News for all Dutch Fifa Fans

We have some great news for all you Dutch Fifa gaming fans as we shall soon be opening the Dutch Mirror Site for the MRA to be run by Philippe Beaupain. He will also be providing the Dutch translation for the MRA very soon.

And if that is not enough, Philippe will also be posting news regularly on this site as well.

Posted by Dave

Monday, May 29, 2000

Aston Villa Super Patch Request for Assistance

Hi, it's Nick Clarke here, creator of the Aston Villa Super Patch. I would like to put some new crowd chants into the game for the patch. My attempts so far have failed. If anyone has had experience in getting chants into FIFA 2000, or knows how to do this, please, please, please contact me ( Any help would be greatly recieved! If you haven't visited the Patch site yet, you can do so by clicking here (

Posted by Dave

Friday, May 26, 2000

Coming Soon - MRA Mega Patch

We have today launched a page dedicated to the development of the excellent MRA Mega Patch. This development has been co-ordinated by Matias Reis who has done a fantastic job. Other contributors include Jordan Stavridis and Rich Butler plus all the lads from SoccerGaming who are included in the 'MRA Team' squad.

Click for full size picture Click for full size picture
Click for full size picture
Click for full size picture Click for full size picture

See what you think of these sample screen shots and then visit the MRA Mega Patch page to see full details of available features plus more screen shots.

Posted by Dave

Thursday, May 25, 2000

GFA 2000 beta v.0.89 released!

We have received the following excellent news from Stefan Münstedt over at German FIFA 2OOO Online:

"Greetings from Germany! We from German FIFA 2OOO Online and friends have released the first beta-version of our German Super-Patch 'GFA 2000' (German FIFA 2000 AddOn). Here's a short features-listing:
  • Original data of the 1st Bundesliga

  • Original jerseys of the 1st Bundesliga

  • Original Bundesliga-adboards

  • 7 Original Bundesliga-stadiums

  • New shorts and socks

  • New Videoclip

  • and some other interesting things ...
So what's so special? Undoubtedly the new videoclip, which replaces the little EA product-clip. It's really an amazing quality with a cool music-track. Then we've our special jerseys ("Generation X"). GX-jerseys are jerseys, which you've never seen before. They're imported from "Bundesliga Stars 2000". It's really an unbelievable quality. Better than every 128C-Jersey!

Click for full size picture Click for full size picture

Please notice, that this version of the GFA 2000 ("GFA 2000 beta v.0.89") is a =beta= version. It still contains a lot of errors in the data and the IGM's. Moreover the jerseys are not optimized yet, so they'll get a little bit better in the final-version.

Related links:We've made:
  • a little package (2.6 mb) without the new videoclip

  • and a bigger package (10.3 mb) with the new videoclip.
You can get it @ our GFA 2000 homepage! "

Full details of this highly anticipated patch can also be found in the Patches Database

Posted by Dave

International tournament for Fifa2000

The IMF, International Modemleague Federation, is organising an international tournament for Fifa2000. This tournament is for English, German, Dutch and Belgian fans. There will be a prizemoney of 100 Euro and the international matches will be on IMF's charge!!! The tournament will start in June and is for analog modem, ISDN and cable!

If you are interested check out their site at

Posted by Dave

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

MEGA PATCH PL for FIFA 2000 by Strikeout Team

We have received the following news from Reigon:

On site FIFA 2000 POLISH PLAYERS CENTER we've shown long waited best and biggest patch for game FIFA 2000. The patch name is MEGA PATCH PL and inside you will find:
  • FIFA 2000 with Polish signs and names in menus and inside the game;

  • new menu (with Polish football players);

  • 13 polish stadiums from teams from Polish 1st league and Polish national team stadium;

  • rosters with Polish sponsors logos ;

  • Polish adboards around the stadiums;

  • original squads for Polish teams(season 99/00);

  • tactics, numbers on shirts, skills are similar> to the real ones;

  • Canal + TV logo (inside the game,when you play match it looks like shown by canal+ Polish TV)
If you are interested in their patch then visit their site for information, screens and to download the patch as well.

Posted by Dave

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

MUFC Super Patch News

FIFA UK have some more news concerning the release of the MUFC Patch, check out for more details.

Posted by Dave

Latest News from D/E 2000 Patch

We have received the following update from the D/E 2000 Patch team:

I am happy to say that the patch is 99% finished!!!Almost everything finished...We have to thank everyone who has helped us to make this patch and promise that the second version of D/E 2000 Patch will be for FIFA 2001....Our site is not updated yet :( but we will update it as soon as we can

Posted by Dave

FIFA2000 Fan Sites Championship 2000

We have received the following fantastic news from TorOve over at the Fifa Millennium Crew and webmaster of the MRA Norway:

We at Fifa Millennium Crew 2000 has a great idea, about making a Championship for every Fifa2000 fan site on the net.

What we mean is, that one of the members of every Fifa2000 fan site, should play in the championship(this would be the head webmaster) Every team has their own kits to use in the tournament. Here is what you need to do if you want to play! Thats it! And if this works out, we hope this can be a tradition every year! So next year someone else can host the championship (this will be drawn by the current host) When we have received the kit & the adboard your site has made for use in the tournament, we will make a patch and make it available for download for the teams in the tournament..

Please feel free to make any comment on this! If you want to do, you can do it here

This sound like a great idea so I suggest all you webmasters head over there and sign up right away!

Posted by Dave

Monday, May 22, 2000

From one proud DW to another!

From one proud father (Dennis Wise) to another (Dave Witts)! - Chelsea 1 v 0 Aston Villa

A very proud dad

I have just returned from London where I took my father and my 2 boys to share Dennis Wise's elation at a Chelsea victory in the very last FA Cup Final to be held between the twin towers of Wembley.

A poor game but a great result for all Chelsea fans. Villa worked very hard throughout but never really threatened a strong Chelsea defensive unit.

More details and photos of the match can be found at the Official Chelsea website

Posted by Dave

Friday, May 19, 2000

Different Patches and Different Languages

Do you like to play Fifa 99, Fifa 2000 or Euro 2000 with different patches on different days. Play the English Premiership one day with Patch of the Day, the next a bit of Italian excitement in Serie A with the IMU. Well what you need to make this a simple exercise is your own patch assistant - the MRA.

Go and download the latest version 3.1e which has support for 16 different languages plus support for Euro 2000 already! You won't regret it.

Posted by Dave

Version 3.1e MRA Skin Available to Download

The MRA Skin which was developed by me to advertise the latest version of the MRA is now available for download. Check out the screen shots below and then go and grab your own copy to bring your MRA up to the new world wide standard.

Click for full size screen shot   Click for full size screen shot
Click for full size screen shot

Posted by Dave

Coming Soon - Israel Mega Pack (Ligat aal 2000)

The prolific Shai Ziv has informed us of his forthcoming patch - the Israel Mega Patch (Ligat aal 2000) final version 2.0. The full features include:
  • 2 new balls: for the 80's and 90's

  • new shoes

  • new crowds (made by Jasmin Peco)

  • roster update

  • new colorful menus

  • new arrow

  • new bottle

  • new net

  • new turfs

  • bugs fix in the Hebrew pop-ups

  • new corner flag

  • 15 new kits: 14 for the teams and 1 for the national team

  • 15 new stadiums: 14 for the teams and 1 for the national team

  • referee kit

  • new buttons for replay mode

  • historical teams of Israel

  • Israeli's fun team (Kneset - the Israeli parlament, TV stars - the Israeli TV stars)

  • new add boards

  • new score board (thanks to Xavier, and all the team of FIFA LA)
Click for full size screen shot Click for full size screen shot
Click for full size screen shot

The patch will be released next weekend so check back then to obtain your copy.

Posted by Dave

Thursday, May 18, 2000

Aston Villa Super Patch

I have received news from Nick Clarke regarding his new patch. When complete, this will be a MUST HAVE patch for ALL Aston Villa fans. It will include the following:
  • Updated Squad for 99/00 season (updates will be made for next season's squad)

  • 4 Classic Villa Sides
    • 1957 FA Cup Winners,

    • 1977 League Cup Winners,

    • 1982 European Cup Winners and

    • 1994 Coca-Cola Cup Winners
  • New Jerseys

  • Correct team management

  • Villa Park Stadium and Adboards

  • FA Premier League Ball

  • New Crowd Chants (if you are a Bluenose or a Man Utd fan I suggest you don't download this patch - LOL!!!)

  • New Aston Villa In-Game Menu's
There are some screenshots of and more info about the patch on the official website. Click here to go there. Patches database has also been updated with these details.

Posted by Dave

Ajax Fifa Update Patch

We have received a news update regarding the Ajax Fifa Update Patch which will include a lot of Ajax stuff like:
  • backgrounds,

  • music,

  • kits,

  • stadium,

  • ball

  • and of course the 2000/2001 rosters.
For more info go to Keep an eye on the Patches database for all the latest features of this and all patches.

Posted by Dave

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

Norwegian Mirror Site is Released

Closely following in the steps of Chris and Lennart, Tor Ove has today released the Norwegian mirror site for the MRA at If you speak Norwegian and want to be kept up to date with all the goings on in the world of the MRA then this is the place to stay tuned to.

Pay the site a visit and pass on your thanks. I would especially like to thank Tor Ove and look forward to a great partnership for the future.

Posted by Dave

German Mirror Site is Released

Chris and Lennart have today released the German mirror site for the MRA at If you speak German and want to be kept up to date with all the goings on in the world of the MRA then this is the place to stay tuned to.

Pay the lads a visit and pass on your thanks. I would especially like to thank the lads and look forward to a great partnership for the future - cheers guys.

Posted by Dave

Sunday, May 14, 2000

New Site is Launched on MRA Day

Today sees the culmination of many weeks hard work to bring you the world wide release of the MRA at This is the start of a new era as we bring you world wide language translations of the MRA plus language mirror sites to help you gain most benefit from your MRA and your associated Super Patches.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some important people who have made this all possible:
  • Lior Fengas - for the design of the new site plus the hours of support and assistance he has provided me recently in making this site possible

  • Matt Holme - for his continued support and encouragement

  • Jamie Gilbert - the man who has turned my dream of the MRA into reality
The new site has many new features for you to enjoy including:Features soon to be introduced at the site include:
  • Links database

  • Updated Skins pages

  • New and Updated Language files as they are released

  • Fully updated Patches database
We really hope you enjoy the new site and please feel free to post your comments either:

Posted by Dave

Version 3.1e of the MRA is Launched

Today also sees the exciting launch of version 3.1e of the MRA which brings some great new features with it. The main ones being:
  • Multi Language Support (16 to start with and more to follow soon). Available languages can be found at the Languages download page

  • Support for EURO 2000 game (as I am sure patches will appear soon for this)

  • All outstanding bug fixes

  • New smoother installation and setup program
Please get your copy from the Downloads page.

Note: If you have previously suffered with ActiveX errors when running your MRA then I would recommend downloading the Full version of the MRA as this has cured the problem.

Posted by Dave

Saturday, May 13, 2000

All stations go on Sunday

Everything being equal our new site at and version 3.1 of the MRA should be released on Sunday.

Please check back regualarly for this major event in the life of the MRA as we step into a new era.

Have a great weekend and enjoy Euro 2000 in the meantime. Until Sunday ......

Posted by Dave

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Next version of MRA will support EURO 2000!

It is good news after good news with the MRA at the moment. We have delayed the release of the MRA a couple of days to ensure we have full Euro 2000 compatibility built in.

Keep watching this space for the big release in the next few days.

Posted by Dave

Monday, May 8, 2000

New MRA Theme Tune

If all the excitement of the pending release of and version 3.1 of the MRA with multi language support was not enough, we now have the added attraction of a theme tune for the MRA. This is kindly being developed by Craig Magee (alias RedKola), who was actually the same person who had the original idea for MRA Skins.

Craig is already a successful music producer and you can find tracks from his forthcoming album at Our deepest thanks go out to Craig, and also to our good friend Rich Butler for producing a Flash movie so we can provide you with a preview of Craig's work. The full version of this song will be available here soon and will also be included on Craig's new album.

If you like what you hear then I recommend visiting Craig's work at

Listen to a snippet of the first draft of this track entitled "Floodlit Arena" by clicking here. ENJOY and please post your comments on what you think of this snippet.

Posted by Dave