May 2003

Saturday, May 31, 2003

Romania Comes in Fifa 2003 v1.41

The guys from Fifa Romania have released the latest version of their Romania Comes in Fifa 2003 patch, RCIF 2003 1.41. It replaces the Belgian championship with the Romanian Divizia A. There are 18 teams from the first division and 4 teams in the second division. Plus some new teams in the Rest of The World and Romania in the International teams.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

It features:

  • updated rosters
  • new kits and goalkeeper kits for all of the teams
  • new kit previews
  • Romanian translation of Fifa 2003 (will not install with the patch, there is a different install for the language)
  • 5 new background images for the menu - only for the Divizia A season (Steaua, Rapid, UTA, FCM Bacau and U Craiova)
  • high quality adboards
  • 2 new balls (Divizia A official Nike Geo Merlin Ball and Rapid Bucharest Mondo) and 2 new kick meters for each ball
  • chants for FC National and Steaua Bucharest
  • Romania 1 TV Patch (popups, clock...)
  • new banners and flags
  • menu badges
  • and many more
  • And soon to come :: Chants Update (Chants for most of the teams, we didn't include them all in RCIF due to the size of the sounds) and new menu backgrounds.

Go grab your copy of this excellent patch from Fifa Romania by clicking here.

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Sweetpatch's Soccer Snippets

Fredi's New Nightmare?
Fredi 'I'm committed to West Ham' Kanoute looks like he could be on his way to Spurs. That is assuming Spurs actually manage to match the asking price for a change...

'The complete centre forward'
Gerard Houllier reckons Emile Heskey can be the 'complete centre-forward'. Houllier added: 'I never had any doubts Emile would come good'. Exactly when did that happen? Elsewhere Diouf says he didn't spit at Celtic fans...

New sponsors needed for City?
Newspaper reports state that Manchester City sponsors First Advice are in crisis and Amulet which owns the Accident Group will call in administrators.

Wheeling and dealing
Ipswich are now out of administration. They will also be looking to get their transfer embargo lifted. Meanwhile, Town have received 12,000 season ticket applications.

Swindon celebrate Wolves promotion
When Swindon sold George Ndah to Wolves in October 1999 a clause was inserted which meant if Wolves got promoted to the Premiership, Swindon would get £100K. A much-needed windfall for the cash-strapped Robins.

Defenders at the double
Southend boss Steve Wignall has signed defensive duo Mark Warren and Jamie Stuart on one-year deals. Central defender Warren joins after being released by Colchester, while former Charlton left-back Stuart signs from Bury.

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Friday, May 30, 2003

Creation Centre 1.6 Fix Released

For everyone who was having some problems with the Creation Centre Update we have some good news. EA SPORTS have just released the 1.6 Fix which puts to rest the following bugs:

  • Chants assignment works correctly
  • Compatibility issues with packages created in CC 1.0
  • Creating new team bug has been fixed
  • Error 6 – When installing packages Freezing when loading after import
  • Error 9 - Adding new players to newly created team
  • Error 94 – Whilst importing teams
  • Error 380 – When displaying PAOK or Olympiakos
  • Formation works correctly
  • Importing teams and players imports all relevant attributes

This is only 400 Kb and will fix any problem you may be having with the FIFA 2003 Creation Centre. Get your link to this great fix in our Download Boutique page under the Creation Centre section.

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Fifa XPerience is here again

Following our news yesterday from, there has been a problem with some users, who saw an "error 62" message ("read above end of file") and encountered some other bugs; these are corrected in the new version 1.1 of Fifa XP.

People who have downloaded the very first version of Fifa XP only have to apply a small fix (140 kb) and the others, who don't have any version of Fifa XPerience can directly download the full version. This one has already been updated to v 1.1 in order to avoid many bugs...

Get your link to this great utility in our Download Boutique page under the Utilities section.

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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Fifa XPerience is here

JFK from the French site has informed us that their Fifa XPerience is out.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

So what is Fifa XPerience I hear you saying? It is a sort of Fifa FX for Fifa 2003; it allows you to have a custom team environment with:

  • own stadium
  • adboards
  • crowd
  • own ball (without external help from Ball Raptor)
  • kickmeter (free kick and corner bar)
  • generic boots
  • season referee kit
  • friendly/cup referee kit
  • 5 intro musics when the players go on the pitch
  • 3 goal sounds
  • flares
  • nets
  • intro camera
  • sideline
  • home and away TV enviro
  • 2 home chants and 1 away chant in addition to the ones created by EA Sports

They have created both an English and French Fifa XPerience section on, so that people who don't understand French won't have any translation problems. It also contains a large tutorial.

Get your link to this great utility in our Download Boutique page under the Utilities section.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

American Flags Mega Patch

FIFA IL got some new patch for all of you who downloaded the SoccerAccess Argentinian League, or added to your FIFA2003 many [S.] American clubs.

Click for larger image

This Patch will add 128 authentic flags for many american clubs, such as:

  • Boca Juniors.
  • River Plate.
  • Olimpia.
  • Penarol.
  • Independiente.
  • Racing Club.
  • Boliviar.
  • Cruz Azul.
  • America de Cali.
  • America de Mexico.
  • & many more...

So head over to FIFA IL and download this new Mega Patch, plus much more quality files. Enjoy.

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Latest awesome Fifa 2003 Stadiums by DG

The excellent DG has recently released some more stadiums for your Fifa 2003 over at DG Stadiums.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

The latest stadiums DG currently has available for you are:

  • Amsterdam Arena RS - home of Ajax
  • Olimpico Roma RS - home of Roma (and Lazio)
  • Olimpico Lazio RS - home of Lazio (and Roma)
  • Gerland Lyon RS - home of Lyon

Play in a new stadium today. Get links to all of DG's fantastic stadiums direct from our Download Boutique.

DG has also opened his new "DG Stadiums Forum" where you can request stadiums and much more.. Go and visit DG today at the home of the number one stadium resource at DG Stadiums.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Summary of FIFA 2004 @ E3

Catching up on the latest Fifa 2004 news from around the scene, Matt Holme from Soccer Gaming recently attended E3 where we have a summary of his latest news, and also some from other sources.

Click here to download E3 FIFA 2004 Movie Click here to download E3 FIFA 2004 Movie Click here to download E3 FIFA 2004 Movie

E3 FIFA 2004 Movie
Matt released a movie he captured on his digital camera at E3. It is quite poor quality, but it lets you see the FIFA 2004 movie EA were playing above the TV screens where you could test the pre-alpha version of FIFA 2004. It is just over 5MB and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Your questions answered by developers of FIFA 2004
You can also catch up on all the questions and answers to your questions that were dealt with by the developers of FIFA 2004 at E3 by clicking here.

Matt's first thoughts on E3
To support this video we have Matt's first views from E3. This was a very early version of FIFA 2004 and therefore a number of its major features are yet to be added. EA's goals from E3 was to show off some of the new gameplay, in particular the new ball control system, the under development improved player intelligence and the extra ball freedom. The EA Sports Online feature for the PS2 is also being shown off.

These are only comments on the features currently available in the pre-alpha version:

  • The main thing you'll notice is that the ball has once again been even further removed from the player's feet.
  • You'll also find that higher skilled players (eg Zidane) will be able to dribble with far more control and accuracy. Where as if you send a lesser skilled defender on a long sprinting run his control will be greatly reduced.
  • The players are far more intelligent in their positional play. Even in this early stage they run into far more realistic and intelligently chosen gaps and give you a lot more options to control the game play.
  • The ball has increased freedom. A through ball will be challenged by both players, and the high lobbing through ball has been re-introduced.
  • There are numerous features missing from this build, however from previous experience FIFA 2004 is looking extremely promising at such an early stage in development.

Other E3 Reviews
There were also a number of other FIFA 2004 reviews from E3 that you can check out at:

Career Mode
Be the Ultimate Player Manager: Be your own player manager with FIFA Football 2004's deep Career Mode. Build your franchise and guide your club to the Championship by making calculated front-office decisions. Manage your team's budget and promote or relegate your players to sustain franchise objectives on the pitch. When one season ends and another begins new challenges will present themselves. The most successful player managers should also be ready for promotions, as some of the world's top clubs may have new job offers.

FIFA Football 2004 now includes lower division teams, which provide new depths of authenticity. The Career Mode also features a realistic transfer market with the fees based on real world amounts.

EA SPORTS FIFA 2004 websites
Also check out the recently launched special E3 EA SPORTS FIFA 2004 websites. Choose from the UK FIFA 2004 Site or other the lesser featured sites.

We hope you found this summary useful and informative. To continue our coverage in the build up to FIFA 2004 visit our own dedicated page regularly by clicking here.

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The A-League is here

The big wait is over as FIFA CONCACAF recently released their A-League patch for FIFA 2003. This 18-team A-League patch will bring all the excitement of the US/Canadian 2nd Division to your soccer gaming experience.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

Based on kits and rosters from 2002, the first version of this patch has the kits, flags, banners, Umbro ball, menu screens and more... and is now all installed/uninstalled at the click of a button with the new FIFA CONCACAF Patcher 2003. This great utility allows you to choose which patch you want installed at any given time. Currently only available for the A-League patch, watch for more and more compliant patches in the coming weeks.

Check out these screen shots and then head on over to their Downloads Section to grab your copy today! Once you've tried it out, check out their Fan Forum and let them hear what you have to say about this patch.

Also, keep your eyes peeled, the MLS update/US Open Cup patch is on its way... as is the wonderful El Salvadorian League patch... so keep checking back at FIFA CONCACAF.

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Monday, May 26, 2003

Sweetpatch's Soccer Snippets

Chelsea's youth policy
Ranieri's bringing down the age of the squad. At least, that's what the club tell us. So what has Ranieri said today? He fancies signing Gabriel Batistuta. Could the Premiership have finally found a player less popular than Robbie Savage?

A moving story
Everton are looking into new sites for a new stadium after King's Dock went west. But is a statement by the club saying the fans gave a 'mandate' to move really the case? They voted to move to King's Dock, not just anywhere in Liverpool...

2 Live Crewe
Steve Jones and Neil Sorvel has signed new contracts with newly-promoted Crewe. Jones, an Irish international, had been linked with a number of clubs.

Carragher's call up
Somewhat surprisingly, Liverpool full-back Jamie Carragher has been called up into the England squad for upcoming games against Serbia & Montenegro and Slovakia.

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Saturday, May 24, 2003

Latest Addition

Over at our partners, FIFA IL you can find some new downloads for your FIFA 2003.

Click for larger image

You can find in their Download Source those latest additions:

  • Sport 5+ TV Logo.
  • Fenerbahce Authentic Flags.
  • Newcastle United Home Kit.
  • FC Porto [UEFA Cup Winners] Ultras Flags.
  • & more...

So head over to FIFA IL and download those latest additions, plus much more quality files. Enjoy.

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Friday, May 23, 2003

ADVANCE Ball Selector

Hello guys, as i said i'll upgrade Ball Selector 1.0. This time i changed name of tool and now it is called "ADVANCE Ball Selector". Not only has teh name changed, I changed more and i'll be adding more...


-Import Ball Textures (BMP)
-Import Ball Low .o
-Import Ball
-Load Buttons

In previous version of Ball Selector 1.0 i must admit it was boring, because you must copy all files to Data folder then rename it ....boring. But in "ADVANCE Ball Selector" I added Load button, that allows you easily to select your bmp or o file and he'll automaticly be imported to the game!

So, hurry up to our FIFA 2003 Downloads Centre Tools section and download this amaizing tool now!!!

Also we from FIFA Web Portal just uploaded new movie from FIFA 2004, 3 hours ago, so visit FIFA Web Portal, download Advance Ball Selector and enjoy FIFA 2004 movie!

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Thursday, May 22, 2003

UEFA Cup Final

Courage, strength and talent these were the necessary arguments to make this final a huge triumph, a electric ambience was felt in Sevilla even days before the match started, a massive heat wave normal in this time of the year in Sevilla was also a part of this final.

The main color in the city was the green and white and the green and white of the Celtic fans that showed how great football can be without violence. And even before or after losing the match, the Celtic fans were in party and side-by-side to the Porto fans bringing the best ambient to this UEFA Cup Final.

UEFA Cup Final that was the first to use the new system of the "sylver goal" rule.

At the nine minutes of match Porto had it´s third strike of bad luck, having to play without Postiga and just before the match started having Jankauskas injured, made Mourinho have to make some tactical changes, but at the nine minutes Costinha falls in the grass, twisting in pain with muscular problems. So this was a odd start for Porto.

Mourinho didn't loose any time and changed quickly Costinha with Ricardo Costa, which beside being a forced tactical change proved to be the a most effective change to benefit Porto. and with this change maintaining a mid-field domination and pressing the very slow Celtic defense, that when treat ned has huge troubles to know what to do with the ball.

A successive attacks by Porto and some counterattacks by Celtic marked the first 20 minutes part of the game. But this didn't kept like that and the game fell in to monotony with successive bad passing, these were the 20 minutes most boring of the match.

It looked like the injury time was coming without any goal, but Deco, started his magic and with a magic pass to Alenitchev on the left that left him alone to shoot and with the incomplete defense of Douglas left the ball to Derlei to shoot it in a last minute goal.

The door to party was open and just like a person penetrates into a barrier of emotions, the goal of Derlei provoked a explosion of happiness between the Porto fans.

It just looked the Celtic lost its nerves when the goal was scored the ref called for the injury-time, as the Celtic players showed a ugly scene of nerves on the way to the lockers.

Second-half started and Porto hand´t got the chance to taste the advantage, when a cross from the right left Larsson to show why he´s so dangerous and making a crossed head shoot to the post, leaving Baia astonished.

All was the same 1-1, the the psychological effect was on the Celtic side. Porto treat ned once again, but Celtic was showing strength, but when Deco decided, again, to put some magic to the game and found a light to get out of the crisis by offering a great pass to Alenitchev, leaving him alone in front of the keeper, goal that he concluded with the class of a pro (54 min).

It looked like the match was decided, when 2 minutes after a corner from the right left Larsson alone to head again to another goal, leaving no chance to Baia. A easy goal, inappropriate to a european final, Larsson was so alone, that you even couldn't know who was man marking him.

Everything was possible by now, 2-2. The players started to show some tire, but not leaving the game and always showing some eminents goal chance. The time was urging and no goal was coming and the extra-time was coming.

The players were almost dead and the public too. The game was since the first moments a roller coaster of emotions. What could happen from now on was impossible to foresee.

Until the last 5 minutes of the extra-time, the game looked like the penalty's were coming, but Deco, with the strength almost going away, showing again why he is such a great player and launching a counter-attack and making a advanced pass to Derlei that left him alone in a run to the goal, when Balde makes a foul and the ref sending him off.

The numerical superiority of Porto allowed them to equilibrate the match, which Celtic looked to be taking the lead.

But this time and again Deco showed his final magic and with a divine pass to Marco Ferreira, which shooted against the keeper and made the ball jump to Derlei which showed faster than everyone else. With the time urging the mach almost finishing Porto did everything in their strength to keep the advantage on and after the last minute effort the ref finished the match and the emotions started to urge once again and the final celebration started, having the new UEFA Cup winner, FC Porto from Portugal.

A great match all the world assisted tonight and I can just say one of the most exiting matches I saw in the past years.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

New home for World League Tournament

The guys who run the World League Fifa 2003 tournament has informed us of their new home. Visit them today by clicking here.

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No News is Good News

Just to inform you that the news will be slow over the next few days as I am preparing the site to be moved to a new host. I apologise for this inconvenience but can assure you when our new hosting is live we will have many new things for you which have just not been possible recently with the problems we have encountered with our existing host.

Sunny things are on the horizon :)

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Sweetpatch's Soccer Snippets

Whites Van Man to leave?
Edwin Van der Sar may well be surplus to requirements at Fulham. The club are hardly flushed with cash and Mark Taylor performed well while the Dutch keeper was injured. Take your pick of which club he could be linked with...

If' you're all cheering Celtic..
Glasgow Rangers defender Lorenzo Amoruso says he'll be cheering on Celtic in the Uefa Cup Final and reckons Rangers fans are 'silly' if they don't do the same.

Trev's in sync with Hammers
Trevor Sinclair says he committed to staying at West Ham. Sinclair was once linked with Liverpool (then again, so are hundreds of others) but says he has no plans to leave Upton Park.

A textbook come and get plea
Valencia's midfielder Ruben Barajam, who gave Liverpool such a hard time in the Champions League would consider a big-money offer from Manchester United. So would a lot of other pros. A classic case of putting oneself in the shop window?

You are the subject of a sacking
Millwall have dispensed with the services of Assistant Manager Steve Gritt and Reserves Coach Joe McLaughlin. Does this mean Teddy Sheringham's on his way? Will Steve Claridge become the new number two? So many questions...

Evans and Hell
An appeal by former Boston manager Stephen Evans to overturn his 20-month ban by the FA has been dismissed. Evans was issued the ban following an investigation into contract irregularities at the club.

Barry back in England squad
True to every England match ever, the coach has had to draft in players because of injuries. This time its Gareth Barry who joins the squad for the friendly against South Africa with Danny Murphy and Wayne Rooney crocked.

Part Time Guv
Fulham are seeking an advisor to help out Chris Coleman is his new role as gaffer. The man will be an experienced manager and will work on a part-time basis. Any takers for Howard Wilkinson?

No U-Turn?
When John Wardle took over as acting chairman for Manchester City he said he didn't want the job full-time (sounds like Chris Coleman). But this week Wardle was confirmed as the new chief at City. Now he must tell Kevin Keegan what money Kev can spend.

Beadle's not about
It took less than three days for the dust to settle on City's playoff exit, but Peter Beadle today became the first casualty of Danny Wilson's bid to make room for new signings.

Any takes for Luton Town?
Reports suggest that Luton Town is up for sale. The current owner, Mike Watson-Challis, has apparently got fed-up with the lack of progress on building a new stadium.

Twiss in the tale
Despite claims by Chester City chairman Stephen Vaughan that the club has had talks with Leyton Orient over a move for City midfielder Michael Twiss, Os boss Paul Brush says no such talks have taken place.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Patch for Creation Centre 1.5 Update

As FIFA 2004 approaches doesn't mean EA have forgotten about FIFA 2003. Chau Le has let Matt over at Soccer Gaming know that he'll be putting the finishing touches on a fix for the Creation Centre 1.5 Update and releasing it next week. It should fix most of the issues people were having with the 1.5 update.

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Carmen meets FIFA

Our partners, FIFA IL got some new downloads for your FIFA 2003.

Click for larger image

You can find in their Download Source those latest additions:

  • Carmen Electra menu & desktop wallpaper.
  • Puma King-Pro ball.
  • Deprtivo La Coruna home kit.
  • Hapoel Tel-Aviv goalkeeper kit.
  • AC Milan CL home kit.
  • & more...

So head right now over to FIFA IL and download those new files and much more quality files. Enjoy.

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Saturday, May 17, 2003

Ball Selector - Released! Download it now!

Hello everyone, i decide to make new tool for all you ball makers, so if you are a ball maker, this is must have tool for you, it will allow you to EASY INSTALL any kind of ball with your BMP (texture) and any of your .o(3d modell) Also in this 600 kb tool is one special bonus for all you guys, i decide to make new EPL 2004 Ball, it is included in tool, so very easy import your textures and .o files to FIFA 2003 and enjoy! Download it now from our FIFA 2003Tools section (at downloads centre of course), so head over at FIFA Web Portal and download this new and amaizing tool!

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Friday, May 16, 2003

E3 Chat today

Don't forget that Members of the FIFA 2004 development team will be taking questions regarding FIFA Football 2004 today.

The E3 FIFA 2004 Chat Session will take place at EA's FIFA Football Community Forums and it will start at 9am LA time (16:00 GMT) and run for approximately 1 hour.

To make sure you are registered in time for the event, head on over to the FIFA Football Community Forums and register.

The official FIFA Football Website have also released their first look at FIFA 2004. Check it out now.

I'm off to Wales today for a few days so see you on my return (unfortunately not to see the FA Cup - well only in a Welsh pub).

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

FIFA 2004 website online

Hello to all,

If you haven´t noticed, there has been several appearances of pictures and videos of FIFA 2004, wich promisses to be another great evolution in the FIFA series.

And while noticing this, I also checked that the official EA Sports site of FIFA 2004 is online, so go and check as you may be able to find several great news, of this upcoming version of FIFA 2004.

To check out the site, just click where where it says FIFA 2004 and enjoy it.

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FIFA 2004 - New Gameplay Movie- RELEASED!

New FIFA 2004 GAMEPLAY MOVIE has been released! For all you FIFA fans, and for all you who think PES and ISS is better than FIFA, maby it is, better than FIFA 2003, but definitley not than FIFA 2004! Why? I suggest you to download this HIGH QUALITY FIFA 2004 Movie from FIFA Web Portal and see what i am talking about! So head over at FIFA Web Portal and GRAB THIS MOVIE FOR FREE! Your HRVOJE BAJLO :)

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Sweetpatch's Soccer Snippets

Spurs rumour mill gets started
Spurs have held talks with Mark Viduka's agent who said: "At the moment it is only interest from Spurs, and there are a lot of clubs in Europe who are interested in Mark."

Then there were three...
Chris Coleman, Klaus Toppmoller and George Burley have been shortlisted by Mohammed al Fayed for the vacant Fulham job with Coleman the clear bookies favourite.

FA consider fan ban
Football Association chiefs fear they may have to ban England fans from travelling to more matches abroad to protect their chances of achieving success on the international stage.

Ready? Teddy? No
Contrary to reports, Teddy Sheringham isn't it talks with regard to a move to Millwall. The fact he's regularly in touch with the club might have something to do with his son being at Millwall's Academy.

Should he stay or should he go?
Grimsby boss Paul Groves has been holding talks with George Santos but admits his attempts to keep the player have yet to reap any reward.

Little can large it
For Crewe player Colin Little has signed a one year deal with Macclesfield. Little was on loan with the Silkmen last season.

City set fair for Europe
Although you'd need a Phd in advanced Maths to work it out it seems as if Manchester City have done enough to earn a place in Europe via the fair play league. But they will have to wait til June 4 to find out.

Hammers defy Defoe
It will surely be a futile exercise in the long-term but West Ham have turned down Jermain Defoe's transfer request. The club says he's been 'badly advised'.

Derby daze
Dion Dublin has been fined six grand for his behaviour in the Villa-Blues derby. After being sent off for a headbutt, Dublin shouted 'cheat' at the TV cameras.

The truth is out there
Although Burnley's chairman says there has not been a single bid for Gareth Taylor, Norwich City say "we've made an offer".

Owl heads east
Sheffield Wednesday's central defender Leigh Bromby is thought to be one of Joe Royle's summer targets. However, the Blues' boss may face competition from local rivals Norwich City (them again) for the 22-year-old's signature.

From boardroom to bench
Stoke City director Asgeir Sigurvinsson has been appointed caretaker manager of the Iceland national team.

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Cinematics Fever 2.0

Whilst I've been away Ariel has been at it again over at Soccer Access. He has released version 2 of his immense Cinematics Fever.

It features:

  • Substitution Cinematics
  • Championship Celebration Cinematic (featuring "Little by Little" by Oasis)
  • Now after every goal, home or away, a cinematic will be launched
  • New Cinematics for the following players : Riquelme, Beckham, Ronaldinho, Van Nistelrooy, Raul, Ronaldo and Vieri

Go grab your copy of Ariel's latest excellent utility from Soccer Access.

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I'm back

Sorry for my unannounced disappearance guys. Work has been manic and I have had to work all weekend, start early in the morning and finish late at night so all I have been good for is collapsing into bed at night.

So now I'm back, from outta space (woooh - where am I going there?) As E3 commences I am back to bring you all the latest news. Thanks to Shlomy and Hrvoje for posting in my absence.

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Ajax Flags 2nd Version

Our partners, FIFA IL are keeping the new designed flags sets coming.

Click for larger image

You can find in their Download Source two new flags sets:

  • Ajax Amsterdam F-Side Flags 2nd version.
  • Hapoel Be’er Sheva authentic flags.

All the flags were done from real images for maximum authenticy.

So head right now over to FIFA IL and download those new files and much more quality files. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

First FIFA 2004 movie!

Hello everyone! We over at FIFA Web Portal just uploaded first ever FIFA 2004 movie, what is it about?

It is an amazing clip, during 6 seconds you can see that gameplay is REALLY improved, also at the end of the movie you'll see new keeper reactions, also new pass, shoot & heading models are AMAZING, go and GRAB this amazing free short movie from FIFA Web Portal now!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

FIFA Center updates

Our partners from FIFA Center got some new sound patches for Fifa 2003 [all for their TSL mega patch] and a new Fenerbahce Stadium done by Kerim Apaydin and re-edited for Fifa 2003 by Giorgio Lunardon of

The latest additions are:

  • Fenerbahce Stadium
  • Fenerbahce Sound Patch
  • Trabzonspor Chants
  • Genclerbirligi Chants

So head over to FIFA Center and check it all out. Enjoy.

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Friday, May 9, 2003

Liverpool Update

Our partner site, FIFA IL got some new cool patch.

Click for larger image

You can find in their Download Source a new Liverpool mega update, done by the TLV patchers team, and contains the following elements:

  • 4 Kits for Liverpool (home, away, 3rd & CL).
  • New Liverpool Flags set.
  • Liverpool designed ball.
  • & more...

So head right now over to FIFA IL and download this new patch and much more quality files. Enjoy.

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They're back

As the FIFA-IL site became too popular for our server, during this past week they have moved to a new server, with their own domain.

They want to thank the guys from Ultras Maccabi for their help, and the permission to use their server.

So they're back again, with a new domain and with much to look forward to such as the Champions League Mega Update [flags, music etc.] plus many more. Pay them a visit over at their Israeli site or English site.

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Winner Takes All

The stakes are high at the Bridge as Ranieri and Houllier look to cash in their Champions League chips. Will the payout be on red or blue when the ball finally comes to rest on Sunday?

The UEFA Cup awaits the loser - which would do Everton or Blackburn nicely - and the final curtain falls for the Citizens of Maine Road, while West Ham and Bolton have one last throw of the dice as an exciting season draws to a dramatic close... Click here for your in-depth guide to Chelsea vs Liverpool

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Sweetpatch's Soccer Snippets

The Crying Game
A court has been told that Eirik Bakke became "obstructive and abusive'' and at one point was crying when he was pulled up drink driving.

Fame and Fortune
He may only appear slightly more often than David May but Manchester United's Quinton Fortune has signed a three-year deal with the club.

Duo destined for Anfield?
It's taken as a given that Steve Finnan is on his way to Liverpool from Fulham but according to the Beeb fellow Irish international Damien Duff could follow him to Anfield. Not unless United get there first?

'shot to pieces
Wolves hotshot Kenny Miller requires a hernia operation after suffering from tightness in his groin for the past few weeks. Miller has scored 23 times this season and is holding out until after the play-offs.

Owls wield the axe
Goalkeeper Paul Evans, defenders Ashley Westwood, Danny Maddix and David Burrows, midfielders Trond Soltvedt, Phil O'Donnell and Simon Donnelly and utility man Tony Crane have all been told they have no future at Sheffield Wednesday.

Three and easy
Mick Tait has offered three of Darlington's younger players new contracts. Mark Sheeran, David McGurk and Chris Hughes have all put pen to paper.

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Thursday, May 8, 2003

Real Madrid Total 2003 Patch

Number Nine (Dominik Gall) has launched his new site, FIFA4U, as part of the network and to mark this occasion he has released his Real Madrid Total 2003 Patch. It comes in 2 versions, a full one including sound at 9.8Mb and a light version at 4Mb. He has also released his first update to the patch (v1.1).

Features include:

  • Home, Away, 3rd and Goalie kits (updated with v1.1)
  • Adboards
  • Sounds (only in full-version)
  • Referee Kits + new Spanish kit in v1.1
  • Fonts
  • Faces
  • RMT-Patcher
  • Flags
  • New Stadium textures
  • Menu kits
  • HQ Adboards

Soon there will be a 2nd update (v1.2), which will provide a new stadium structure and 3 faces. For all fans of the great Real Madrid this sounds like an excellent patch for you ready and waiting over at FIFA4U.

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FIFA 2004 E3 Coverage Announced

Further to our news yesterday, Matt Holme (the EA Fifa Community Manager) has sent us further details of the special live chat session which will be held on Friday, May 16th direct from E3. Members of the development team will be taking questions regarding FIFA Football 2004.

The E3 FIFA 2004 Chat Session will take place at EA's FIFA Football Community Forums and it will start at 9am LA time (16:00 GMT) and run for approximately 1 hour.

To make sure you are registered in time for the event, head on over to the FIFA Football Community Forums and register.

The official FIFA Football Website have also announced that they will be live from E3 for the entire duration of the show. That means from May 14th thru to May 16th there will be plenty of FIFA 2004 info being posted on the site. Visit the site for complete info.

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GamePlay Maker is coming!

Hello all you guys, until today I kept my mouth shut about a tool I have been making for about 1 month. The tool's name is GamePlay Maker, and with it's name you will see that you'll be able to make gameplay patches with it!

GamePlay Maker will be very easy to use and it will have more than 50 options, you'll be able to select your own skills and all necessary to gameplay editing, again: this tool will 100% help you to create GamePlay Patches you imagine, also there will be soooooo many options, for example you'll be able to select Game Speed: 25 , and just type 29, and Game Speed is 29, all news and other screenshots coming tomorrow.

I must say that I invest whole month programming to create alpha version, now i'm improving bugs and all, soon this amazing tool will be released on FIFA Web Portal so visit us and enjoy!

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Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Fifa 2004 Update

As we get close to E3 news of Fifa 2004 has started to ooze out. Check here for a summary of all the latest news taken from the official Fifa Football website.

E3 FIFA Football 2004 Coverage
From May 14 thru 16 EA will be live in LA for the world's largest computer and video games entertainment expo, E3. Along with all the hot off the press info on exactly what FIFA Football 2004 will feature, they will also be conducting a live chat with the developers of FIFA Football 2004.

For your complete E3 and FIFA Football 2004 coverage, visit the FIFA Football Community News section.

EA Sports FIFA Football 2004™ to Deliver Tactical Excellence
Chertsey, UK. – Electronic Arts (Nasdaq:ERTS), the world’s leading interactive entertainment software company, today announced that it has partnered with Erich Rutemöller from FIFA’s Technical Committee, to work with them on developing EA SPORTS FIFA Football 2004.

In line with EA’s commitment to deliver the most authentic, immersive interactive football experience on any gaming platform, Rutemöller will help ensure that the development team working on EA SPORTS FIFA Football 2004 share in his knowledge and experience of the playing tactics and formations of the most successful and revered football clubs.

Rutemöller is currently part of the FIFA technical committee. He travels the world teaching the leading coaches the fundamentals of football (tactics, formations) and puts them through their paces before they obtain their official FIFA coaching badge. In addition he is also a member of the coaching staff of the German National Team and has previously managed a series of Bundesliga clubs.

Check out what Rutemöller and EA's Danny Isaacs have to say on how this will benefit the game over at the official Fifa Football website.

E3 FIFA 2004 Chat: Friday May 16th
Mark this date in your diaries FIFA fans! It is your chance to ask your FIFA 2004 questions to members of the Development team behind the game. For one hour they will be selecting the best questions posted in the special E3 FIFA 2004 Chat Session Forum and giving them straight to the dev team members to answer live.

Expect plenty of FIFA 2004 news through out the E3 show period, with coverage beginning Wednesday, May 14th.

And finally...
Scheduled for release in Autumn 2003, EA SPORTS FIFA Football 2004 will deliver the most complete and authentic football experience ever. A new Career mode gives you the chance to take a team from the lower divisions, battle through ranks, sign new players and turn them into champions. The action is deeper than ever with advanced levels of player detail and responsiveness. With immersive atmospheres, benchmark presentation, total realism with the world's premier clubs and industry-leading gameplay, EA SPORTS FIFA Football 2004 returns as the true authority in football gaming.

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Sweetpatch's Soccer Snippets

Contract killing?
Celtic boss Martin O'Neill has confirmed that he hasn't signed a new contract he agreed in January. Despite the obvious speculation this will fuel, O'Neill says: "At Leicester I agreed a new contract and got round to signing it nine months later."

How to lose friends....
Leeds outcast Olivier Dacourt has stirred up more ill-feeling in West Yorkshire, by claiming that he has told Roma to bring Mark Viduka to the Italian capital. Dacourt is currently on loan with Fabio Capello's outfit.

Hand it over Arsenal
Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore insists there is "no question" Manchester United will receive the championship trophy at Goodison Park.

That Al do nicely
Ipswich boss Joe Royle has confirmed that his Coventry counterpart Gary McAllister made enquiries regarding Alun Armstrong last week. The former Boro man has been given a free transfer by Town.

Pompey's ground for optimism
Portsmouth have finalised the contracts for a £26million redevelopment of Fratton Park. This could result in the capacity going up from 28,000 to 36,000.

Lee springs to 'Pool's defence?
Hartlepool management duo Mike Newell and Kevin Sheedy have been keeping tabs on released Ipswich Town youngster Lee Chaffey. The defender is also being watched by Queens Park Rangers as well as Pool.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2003

Fifa 2003 Argentinian League released

Over at Fifagame Argentina they are pleased to announce that they haverecently released the first Liga Argentina 2003 for Fifa 2003.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

It includes:

  • Home, away and 3rd kits for all teams
  • Referee kits
  • Flags and banners
  • Music of: Los Piojos, Catupecu Machu and Bersuit Vergarabat
  • Lots of other details that appear in the "Fútbol de Primera"

Check out the full details over at Fifagame Argentina.

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Patches Database is back

On a good point our very popular Patches Database is back up and running. This was out of action due to the server becoming overloaded due to the success of the site.

One casualty of this episode has been the very popular Fifa Israel (Fifa IL). Unfortunately the site had become so popular it was punishing the server and Moshe and the guys are now sorting out some new hosting arrangements so they will be back soon.

Its good to be back!

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Sweetpatch's Soccer Snippets

Fulham for Selhurst Park?
Fulham have held discussions over ground sharing with Crystal Palace, according to Eagles chairman Simon Jordan. And Fulham deny they will ever 'do a Wimbledon'?

Lies, damned lies...
Meanwhile former Fulham boss Micky Adams has played down talk linking him with the Leeds job. Hardly surprising given he could be managing at a higher level with Leicester next season...

Addicks fans say no way to MK
Charlton fans are planning to boycott a proposed pre-season friendly with Wimbledon/Milton Keynes/Whatever. Fans are e-mailing the club to protest about the choice of opponents.

Contract killing
Graeme Souness has given up on trying to keep Hakan Sukur for another year. Souey says: "Money is tight in football generally, not just at Blackburn. We have got to spend wisely and we have priority positions." What odds on Duff or Dunn going?

One in, one out at Coventry
Craig Hignett looks set to leave Coventry when his loan deal runs out. City's long-drawn out campaign to attract Albion Rovers keeper Scott Shearer to Highfield Road does, however, look like paying off.

Blackpool shock
A host of players at the club will be looking for new employers in the summer. Those who won't be getting new contracts include Paul Dalglish, Graham Fenton, Ian Hughes, Jamie Milligan, John O'Kane, Micheal Theoklitos, Ben Thornley and John Hills.

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Friday, May 2, 2003

Euro 2004 Super Patch update

Our good friend Shahab Shaterian has sent us an update regarding his forthcoming Euro 2004 Super Patch. The kits are nearly finished and he has also added 3 new teams of Wales, Albania and Georgia.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

This patch will include:

  • every team will have home, away, 3rd or last Euro 2000 kit plus Goalkeeper kits
  • New size of kits (better than 2GK!)
  • Adds all European teams
  • Adds Flags, kits, etc...

He hopes to finish the demo patch by the end of this week with the final version being available on 12th June. Check back here for all the latest news on this patch.

Please note: The Patches Database is still out of action and we hope to resume normal service soon.

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Sweetpatch's Soccer Snippets

England's doors stay open
The FA have been fined £75,000 for the actions of 'fans' before and during the Turkey game but the Slovakia match at The Riverside will not be played behind closed doors.

Cisse in, Heskey out?
Auxerre striker Djibril Cisse has done his best 'shop window' act and says Liverpool have been in constant contact with him. But should Cisse be true to his word what would that mean for Emile Heskey's future at the club?

Pizza the action (sorry!)
Speaking to Norwegian paper VG, Spurs striker Steffen Iversen said: "I was on vacation and relaxed a bit too much. I had a lot of good pizza. I weighed 84 to 85 kilos, and that's three or four too many. Now I am down to 81." So that explains it...

Fine for Fergie
How much should a man be fined for suggesting UEFA rigged the Quarter Final draw? According to UEFA it's £4,000. That'll really hit Alex Ferguson's bank balance.

Fishy Story
Grimsby have today announced the biggest sponsorship deal in the club's history, a much-needed financial boost in the wake of the club's relegation into Division Two.

Stockport to announce merger
Reports in the media suggest that the proposed merger between Stockport County and Sale Sharks will be formerly announced at a press conference tomorrow lunchtime.

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