June 2000

Friday, June 30, 2000

New Mega Patch from ASDigital

We have received the following news regarding the development of a new patch:

Hello, i´m António Sérgio from ASDigital and I'm making a mega patch for Fifa 2000 which includes:

  • New g2 stadiums for Portugal, Italy and Holland and Belgium. (all stadiums of the premier league of each league)
  • 128 and 64 color kits for the 4 countrys (including the second league of each one)
  • Adidas Predator Precision and Adidas Predator Accelarator
  • New backgrounds
  • New Music (E-Type - Campione)
  • New Nike Ball and Mitre Ball
  • New Rosters with latest transfers
  • FED2000

All made by ASDigital - www.asdigital.com. (In construction yet).

It includes Setup, it will very big. In the setup you can select the league you want to install. I think each league is around 30 megs, so 4 x 30= 120 megs i think, but in the site i´m making the full patch and 1/4 of the patch of corresponding league.

Keep an eye here for all the news as this patch develops.

Posted by Dave

Thursday, June 29, 2000

Excellent New MRA Pop Ups

I have received some excellent news today from Ozzie Montiel of MLS 2000 fame who has offered to design us the MRA Pop Ups for the forthcoming Mega Patch. Please see below for initial screen shot of what he is producing for us. Excellent work Ozzie and many many thanks.

Click for full size screen shot
Click for full size screen shot

Posted by Dave

New Audi TT 2000 Skin

Matias Reis, developer of the MRA Mega Patch has kindly found time to produce the next in the series of his Audi TT Skins - version 2000. Please see the excellent screen shot below and then visit the Skins Downloads to get your copy.

Click for full size screen shot
Click for full size screen shot

Posted by Dave

Great News for Spanish and Portuguese Fans of the MRA

MRA Associate Matias Reis has agreed to webmaster the Spanish and Portuguese mirror sites for the MRA. This was a project we recently discussed on my holiday in Portugal where I met up with Matias.

Matias has been an excellent worker on the MRA Mega Patch and is committed to providing everybody in Iberia with all the latest news from the world of the MRA in your languages. Please keep an eye here for when these sites will be opening.

Posted by Dave

Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Soccer Gaming Online Shop has opened its doors

The Soccer Gaming Online Shop is now delivering soccer video games for the PC, PSX, N64 and Dreamcast to your doorstep at an incredibly low price.

They have a supplier in every region of the globe, allowing you, the purchaser, to buy games at well below the price you would normally pay at your local store.

On top of this, all of the games featured at Soccer Gaming Online Shop can be shipped internationally, allowing games that are not available to be purchased in your own country to now be available at a click of a mouse.

No matter what part of the globe you are from, you will now be able to purchase and pre-order ALL of the soccer games currently available on the market.

Click to visit Soccer Gaming Online Store
Click above to visit the
Soccer Gaming Online Store

Posted by Dave

Tuesday, June 27, 2000


Things are very busy here at the MRA Camp. We are currently working on getting the MRA Mega Patch released by next weekend plus I am currently completely updating the Patches Database so it starts to become the definitive source of information regarding all Fifa patches.

Other things to look forward to this week are a new Skin plus great news for all Spanish and Portuguese fans of the MRA.

Keep checking back regularly for news updates.

Posted by Dave

MRA Mega Patch delayed

Matias has informed me that he has had a few problems but that the Mega Patch should be available next weekend. In the meantime remind yourself of the excellent features of this patch.

Posted by Dave

Monday, June 26, 2000

Beta Testers required for Aston Villa Super Patch

Hi again.......it's Nick again!! I am looking for some beta testers for my Aston Villa Super Patch. If you would like to help test out the patch before it is released........please email me here (villasuperpatch@hotmail.com).


Posted by Dave

Saturday, June 24, 2000

Greek MRA Site Opening Very Soon

Jordan Stavridis has informed me that the Greek MRA site is now 98% complete and will be opening very shortly. Please check it out and keep an eye here for its official opening.

My thanks go to Jordan for all his assistance with the MRA project.

Posted by Dave

Friday, June 23, 2000

Aston Villa Super Patch News

I have received the following news from Nick regarding his Aston Vila Super Patch:

Hello all, it's Nick here again with some very exciting news about my Aston Villa Super Patch.

Ste Cooper's Sky Sports Popups will be included in the patch. If you have seen these popups, you will know how great they are and I'd like to thank Ste for giving me permission to include them in the patch. Also, the content of Version 1.0 of the Patch has been confirmed.

Aston Villa Super Patch Version 1.0
  • Updated Squad for 99/00 season
  • 4 Classic Villa Sides - 1957 FA Cup Winners, 1977 League Cup Winners, 1982 European Cup Winners and 1994 Coca-Cola Cup Winners
  • New Jerseys
  • Correct team management
  • Villa Park Stadium and Adboards
  • FA Premier League Ball
  • Sky Sports Popups
  • New Aston Villa In-Game Menu's

This version will be for the 1999/2000 season. The next version (v1.5), will be for the forthcoming 2000/2001 season and will include updated jerseys, stadium and adboards with the new sponsors, updated rosters and so on. If you haven't yet visited the Patch Website, you can do so by going here http://www.fifa00.com/villa/patch.htm

Posted by Dave

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

It's good to be back

It's great to be back at my PC after 2 whole weeks away from it in sunny Portugal! Bad time to be in Portugal if you were English though - well for one night anyway!

My thanks go out to Jamie for keeping the site regularly updated in my absence - excellent job mate.

This is just a quick posting to wet your appetite for the forthcoming events you can expect over the next few weeks here at the MRA site.

Whilst I was in Portugal I met with Matias Reis, who is co-ordinating the development of the MRA Mega Patch. I would like to thank him very much for the kind hospitality he and his family showed to us in their country. From our discussions we are hoping that the Patch will be available for you by this weekend and it will include:
  • the excellent MRA Theme Tune
  • the MRA Dream Team (look out for some well known players!)
  • the MRA Pitches (which will be an optional extra)
  • new Menus
  • hopefully new Popups

When I have an evening at home I will also update you on all the latest patches that have been released while I've been away.

Soon there will also be:
  • some new Skins
  • an MRA Windows Desktop Theme

Check back regularly for all of this and plenty more exciting news.

Posted by Dave

Saturday, June 17, 2000

England beat rivals Germany 1-0

Thanks to an Alan Shearer strike in their second Group A encounter. 30,000 were packed into the compact Charleroi stadium and the atmosphere was intense and saw the red-shirted England beat the Germans in a competitive competition for the first time since 1966.

A draw against Romania will see England through on Tuesday night

How far can England go now????

Answers on a postcard, or click the comments link below!

Posted by Jamie

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Henrique Meyer - Up until 1 AM working on Pitch 2000

Pitch 2000 is a grass editor for FIFA 2000. For more info go to NitroSoft.net

Posted by Jamie

Monday, June 12, 2000

Voting has begun for Soccer Gaming FIFA Awards 2000

Soccer Gaming has announced that the voting for the Soccer Gaming FIFA Awards 2000 has officially begun.

Posted by Jamie

Sunday, June 11, 2000

Euro 2000 Underway

Well, we are now underway with Euro 2000, there is a great offical site at http://www.euro2000.org so keep up todate with the latest news. There are also downloads for all Teams, (Wallpapers and Screen Savers). Odds are.... (Germany will beat England again!)
Group A








Group B








Group C








Group D

Czech Republic







11/4 (Fav)


Posted by Jamie

Saturday, June 10, 2000

Amazing K-J Super Patch 2 !(Korean/Japanese League Super Patch 2)

The latest roster of K-league and J-League 2000 season - Add second division of K-League - Full name of Korean League's all players - New season logo of K-league and J-League - Accurate natioal flag - New menu screens - New 3D adboards - Accurate jerseys - Accurate korean/japanese national team roster and jersey - Accurate and Updated world roster - Add Jamsil stadium - Convenient install function - Give an uninstall function Site

For more information and to download see http://www.fifakorea.pe.kr

Posted by Jamie

Wednesday, June 7, 2000

New Feynoord Stadium

Robert van der Pol, Webmaster of The Feyenoord-Files, would like to tell you about a very realistic Feyenoord stadium he has just released. He used the converted Feyenoord Rotterdam stadium of FIFAMANIA and changed nearly all the textures to make De Kuip now look almost perfect.

The stadium can be downloaded at - http://www.fifagames.net/Feyenoord

Posted by Jamie

Great Wallpapers

A Great Selection of Backgrounds can be found at Fifa Colombia. Fifa Colombia has been publishing backgrounds from the best teams from around the world. Use these backgrounds to custimize Fifa 2000 start screens or just as PC wallpapers. Perhaps even use them for the basis of a Skin for your MRA.

2 new backgrounds are published every 2 days. Teams that have been published so far include
  • England´s national team
  • Barcelona
  • Bayern Munchen
  • Lazio
  • Manchester Utd
  • Real Madrid

Posted by Jamie

Sunday, June 4, 2000

The inaugural FIFA Gaming Awards

The awards are sponsored by Soccer Gaming, and almost upon us! These awards are designed to honour the unsung heroes of websites across the net, with categories such as Best Site and Personality, as well as categories for the very best download makers, and they are voted for by the people who matter - the fans. Voting in the awards will take place at the official awards site which will go live on Soccer Gaming on June 10th. It will end at midnight BST on June 24th, with the winners being announced in the first week of July.

This is your change to say what you feel, you and your vote really can make a difference!! To give you an insite into what you can vote for.

Best English-language Web Site -

  • Fifa 2000 Online (fifa2000.net)
  • FIFA Centre Spot (fifacentrespot.de)
  • Euro-Ball (www.euro-ball.com)
  • FIFA Gamer (fifa00.com)
  • FifaNet.com
Best Add-On Patch -
  • Chris Davies for the POTD
  • Rich Butler for the SGOCL2000
  • The TUDU
  • Ed Demir for the Bundesliga Megapack
  • Joey Jones for the European Champions League MegaPack 2000
  • Ozzie Montiel for the MLS 2000

Best Jerseys -

  • Robert Marney
  • Nick Koucharov for 64 colour kits
  • Phillippe Beaupain for International Kits
  • Mohamed El Tanany for Consistent work
  • Chris Davies for POTD
  • Sam Tiesen for Kit Requests

Best Stadia -

  • Georgio Lunardon and Riccardo de Concillis for G2 Stadia
  • Robert van der Pol for his Euro 2000 Stadia
  • FIFAITALIA's DG & ER CIGO for their RS Stadia
  • jon@home2144.freeserve.co.uk for his English stadia
  • Rich Butler for G3 stadia
  • Andrew Drinkwater and Chris Davies for POTD Stadia

Best Miscellaneous Graphics -

  • Shai Ziv for Ultra Cool Turfs 3D
  • Jordan Stavridis for 'Superb Turfs'
  • Xavier Baez for the PGP
  • Euro-Ball for Super Grass 2
  • Ste Cooper for Sky Sports Popups
  • Amr Zakzook for Continous Effort

Best Sound Add-On -

  • Falcao for Italian Club chants
  • Fabio Negroni for Italian chants
  • Andrew Drinkwater for POTD chants
  • Luis Antonio Freitas for Vasco De Gama chants

Best Utility -

  • Fabio Negroni for ChantUtil
  • Chau Le for FEd2000
  • David Witts for the MRA
  • FSH Soft for Sonique
  • Brien Smith and Tim Tschirner for EA Graphics Editor
  • Euro-Ball for Chico

Best Rosters -

  • Jochen Tree for POTD and Treebeard's Rosters
  • Sébastien Neri for World Update
  • Niko Starman for FIFA 2000 and Slovenia Update

Posted by Jamie

Patch of the Day - End of an Era is Released

The wait is over as Chris and Andy have released the highly anticipated PotD Update. You can get your copy from http://www.uksn.com/potd/ Full feature list to be updated soon in the Patches Database plus the PotD website will be active.

Posted by Dave

Iranian FIFA 2000 Patch 3.0 released!

It has been released and is downloadable at http://iranian.fifa2000.net/downloads/patch_iran_30.exe.

New features with version 3.0 are:
  • Some teams jerseys (Incl. Esteghlal, Perspolis, Pass, Saipa)
  • Iranian Cup (Incl. Second division teams)
  • Installer / Uninstaller program
  • Standard EA data files (no saved-game
  • Enhanced Backgrounds

You can also see some preview screenshots at http://iranian.fifa2000.net

Posted by Dave

Friday, June 2, 2000

Music for the MRA Mega Patch Announced

If the recent news of the release of the MRA Theme Tune 'Floodlit Arena' was not enough, we can today announce that the MRA Mega Patch will contain 6 more excellent tunes from RedKola:
  • A Taste of Kola

  • Its a Dream

  • To The Limit

  • That's the way dance goes

  • Never 4 gett

  • A Taste of Summer
All of these tunes can be downloaded from his mp3.com site at http://www.mp3.com/RedKola and form part of his new album. The MRA Mega Patch will be really kicking with this excellent selection of music. I can't wait for its release - date to be announced soon.

Posted by Dave

Latest News on the D/E 2000 Patch

We have received the following news from the D/E 2000 Patch Team:

OUR RELEASE DATE IS 15/6/2000. The patch it will be about 30mb with the music and 15 without music...It will include a lot of things and best....IT WILL REPLACE EVERYTHING OF FIFA 2000....Backgrounds, Ingame Graphics,Kits,Music and maybe our intro VIDEO CLIP!

The only thing we want from the FANS OF EURO 2000 is (SOMEONE WHO WILL BE ABLE TO CREATE the EURO 2000 FLAG FOR THE PATCH....IF SOMEONE WANT TO just send us an email at pageorge@cytanet.com.cy ALSO VISIT OUR SITE http://www.go.to/de2000p

Posted by Dave

Thursday, June 1, 2000

Official MRA Theme Tune is Released by RedKola

It has arrived, the much anticipated theme tune for the MRA entitled 'Floodlit Arena - 4-4-2 Piano Mix' - and it is a beauty. It coincides with the release of RedKola's own CD. But let RedKola explain himself:

Hi Craig Magee here, alias RedKola. Firstly, I just wanna say a big Thank You to the MRA team for giving me the opportunity to bring my music to all of you through this great Fifa Soccer series Add-On.

I would also like to invite you all along to my site at MP3.com where you can hear some more of my sounds (http://www.mp3.com/RedKola) Everyone is more than welcome to email me with their comments and thoughts, I'd like that very much.

This new version of the MRA Theme Tune coincides with the new release of my first DAM (normal Audio CD with bonus MP3 versions) Cd at MP3.com which is only $5.99 and available from my site (Delivered to your door for roughly £7 Sterling).

My main objective from this exciting time is to make lots of new friends from this joint venture and who knows - maybe some fans ;)

Please feel free to contact me anytime at Kola@RedKola.co.uk and I hope you all enjoy the tunes.

Have fun - life is too short ;)

Posted by Dave

Norwegian Language Now Available

Many thanks go to Kjell Rune Humborstad who has completed his Norwegian translation for the MRA. Get your copy of this language file from the Language Downloads page and operate your MRA in Norwegian. That makes the available languages for the MRA now at 17.

He will also soon be completing the Swedish translation too - check back later for that.

Posted by Dave