June 2003

Monday, June 30, 2003

FIFA Confederations Cup France 2003

FIFA Confederations Cup France 2003Cameroon 0 v 1 France (a.e.t.)
France retained their FIFA Confederations Cup title after a narrow victory over Cameroon at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis. Both sides had their chances, but the Bleus finally clinched the match in extra-time, as Golden Shoe (four goals) and Golden Ball winner Thierry Henry found the net.

In a touching tribute at the end of the game, both sides gathered in the centre circle around a photo of Marc-Vivien Foé.

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Menu Logo Tutorial

Cyprom from Fifa Belgium has released his Menu Logo Tutorial which enables you to Add and Replace Menu logos.

Go grab your copy from our Fifa2003 Download Boutique with updated link which is now working.

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Sunday, June 29, 2003

FIFA 2004 Impressions

Gamespot have recently had a chance to see an early version of EA Sports' next FIFA game for the PC in action.

Fifa 2004

In summary, FIFA 2004 will make a number of improvements to the series, including:

  • graphical upgrades and the addition of some new gameplay options
  • despite the new improvements, EA Sports hopes to keep the hardware requirements reasonable
  • PC version will also have a few exclusive features, such as:
    • a mouse-driven interface,
    • a stand-alone team editor (which you can use to edit and import your own team colours and logos),
    • and a jukebox utility that will let you play your own MP3 music files in place of the in-game music, if you prefer.
  • improved player models
  • about 200 different player heads
  • about 300 different team chants that you'll hear from the crowds in the game's 30 stadiums
  • 24 stadiums are licensed versions of real-world locations
  • some significant additions to the series' gameplay that should hopefully make the game more realistic and give you more control over your players:
    • computer-controlled teammates will be smarter about following you down the field and moving to open areas so they can receive passes.
    • a new physics system for the ball
  • FIFA 2004 will also let you adjust throw-in heights and header heights (so you'll actually be able to execute a low-to-the ground header manually).

FIFA 2004 is scheduled to ship this October and you can see the full article by clicking here.

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Sweetpatch's Soccer Snippets

Spurs To Go For Tugay
Tottenham have targeted Turkey midfielder Tugay as the player they want to transform their midfield. They are reported to be ready to...

Players Not Paid, But Will Carry On
Players and staff at Luton haven't been paid yet despite today being the usual pay day. The PFA have been in discussion with a number of players from the club and have assured that they will report for preseason training on Monday as normal...

Oldham Need Money Now
Latics club shop has been opened to help the club survive. They will be selling 4000 copies of a book called GET THOSE SHEEP OF THE PITCH! Which have kindly been donated to the club.

Parachute Jump For The Chelsea Barsby Campaign
The Chelsea Barsby Campaign is a fund raising organisation to help the families who's children are suffering with Retinoblastoma. This rare form of eye cancer is only treated at St. Bartholomews Hospital in London.

Talking Point - Happy Talk!
Derby fans everywhere are starting to smile again, it's official! Already, with just two new arrivals confirmed, spirits are lifting and optimism about the coming season is growing.

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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Latest additions + bonus

Over at our partners, FIFA IL you can find some new downloads for your FIFA 2003.

You can find in their Download Source those latest additions:

  • Chunnam Dragons [K-League] Flags.
  • AC Milan Ultras Flags version 2.
  • PSV Eindhoven Ultras Flags Set.
  • & more...

As usual, all flags were done from real images for maximum authenticy. So head over to FIFA IL and download those latest additions, plus much more quality files. Enjoy.

Plus, in a couple of days they will be releasing the CL Mega Update, which will include the following elements:

  • Authentic Flags for ALL the clubs!!.
  • Many many Kits [approx 30].
  • New designed menus.
  • Champions League Adboards.
  • Champions League anthem durring highlights.
  • & more...

So check out FIFA IL for the latest news on that.

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Friday, June 27, 2003

Soccer world mourns Foe, dead at 28

Marc Vivien FoeWorld football chief Sepp Blatter led the tributes to Marc Vivien Foe after the Cameroon midfielder collapsed and died during his side's Confederations Cup semi-final against Colombia.

The 28-year-old Foe, who was all alone in the middle of the Stade Gerland pitch when he fell to the ground, had to be stretchered off in the 72nd minute of the game which his team won 1-0.

Foe, who spent last season on loan at Manchester City, died 45 minutes later in the stadium's medical centre from a suspected heart attack.

"FIFA and the whole football family are upset by this incredible tragedy," said Blatter, the FIFA president. "I would like to send our sincere condolences to his family, to Cameroon football and to his club. The world of football has lost a remarkable man."

Chuck Blazer, the president of the Confederations Cup organising committee, said that he was in shock at the news.

"Marc Vivien was one of the leaders of the Cameroon team and had been brilliant in the competition. Tonight, I am thinking of his family and friends."

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, attending the France v Turkey semi-final at the Stade de France in Paris, said he was stunned by the tragedy.

"It is always difficult to understand how a player of this level can die like that," said Wenger.

Tributes also came from French champions Lyon whom Foe helped to the title two seasons ago.

"He was just 19 when he came to us and even then he was a remarkable player," said Jean-Luc Lamarche, in charge of recruitment at the club. "But he was also a man with immense class."

On behalf of this site, we all pay our respects to a player of the game we all love.

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UEFA Champions League 2003 Released

The biggest, most complete patch for FIFA 2003 is here from the guys over at Fifa ECP.

Real rosters, fixtures, balls, kits are just only a handful of what this patch involves. With this patch, you will be able to reenact all your favourite moments in the UEFA Champions League, from the cup winning triumph of AC Milan to the disappointment of Liverpool's early exit, or even the postponement of FC Spartak Moskva's match with FC Basel!

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

This patch has been a year-long project by the whole of the ECP team, bringing you the most realistic environment in kits, balls, adboards and even a stadium! The rosters are all according to the UEFA official squad lists for the 2002/03 season, giving you the real squads, and real managerial decisions. You can now play with all 32 teams, from the mighty Real Madrid, to the newly added AEK FC and many more. All with authentic kits, Champions League style.

So don't hesitate and download this patch now from the link in our Patches Database.

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Thursday, June 26, 2003

New kids on the block - Sweetpatch Juniors

That's right folks, my sons have joined in with the spirit of this site and created a sub site entitled "Sweetpatch Juniors". In their words:

"Now we are old enough to run our own site and want to help everybody enjoy Fifa even more. The Sweetpatch Juniors website will provide you with all things that us younger Fifa and Soccer players will enjoy. Keep coming back as we add more and more features."

Click here to learn about David Beckham   Click here to learn about Thierry Henry
© Cartoons courtesy of Sports Cartoons

The boys have done a great job and have started the site off with a poll where you can vote for your favourite player out of David Beckham and Thierry Henry. You can also click on their picture and you will learn all about them. Thanks to Shlomy for the additional artwork.

Pay the new Sweetpatch Juniors site a visit today and send the lads your words of encouragement plus your thoughts on what you would like to see them deliver as they develop the site.

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Holland & Eredivisie Addition

Our excellent partners over at Fifa Benelux have released a patch which adds the Dutch League teams and the Dutch National squad to FIFA 2003. HEA, Holland & Eredivisie Addition, was created by Giannini, who did all the work on his own.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

This patch includes:

  • Rosters in Dutch and in English
  • 15 new dutch teams and the Dutch national squad
  • About 450 players edited, transferred and removed
  • Latest transfers and new players added to the top-3 of Holland:
    • Ajax: Sneijder, de Jong, Maxwell, van Damme, Bhoukari, Timmer, Stekelenburg, S. Seedorf; Feyenoord: Buffel, Chong Gug Song, L'ami, Lurling, Pardo, van Haaren, Acuña; PSV: Robben, Ji Sung-Park, Pyo-Young Lee, Leandro do Bomfim, van der Schaaf, Kooijman.
  • 32 Kits for each new team: 28 created 2GK-kits, Utrecht and Holland were already included in the game by EA
  • Mini kits
  • Updated hall of kits
  • Badges: menu, ingame, league
  • Flags
  • Updated Legal Screen with the Holland Casino Eredivisie logo
  • Easy installation

Check out the Patches Database for full details plus download location. Additional screenshots can be found by clicking here.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

More new files from FIFA IL

Shlomy has added two more excellent files for your FIFA 2003 pleasure over at FIFA IL.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

New files added are:

  • Roma's Olimpico New Designed Sky
  • Ajax Amsterdam 2003/2004 Kit

So head over to their Download Source to get these files for your Fifa enjoyment.

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EA will include the Dutch League in FIFA 2004

Like every year SoccergameZ.com gets the scoop on the Dutch League in the Fifa series. This is the first time in years this is actually good news.

Screenshots Will the Dutch league be in FIFA-2004? Click for larger image

Past years EA had to find an agreement about the licenses with every Dutch team. That's why in Fifa 2002 and 2003 only Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord were included. For the 2003-2004 season all rights will be sold in one package. Earlier this week game cards producers Panini bought the rights on the Dutch Holland Casino Eredivisie. Now the Dutch player organisation VVCS has also confirmed the deal with Electronic Arts. This means EA bought the rights for the Dutch Club names, player names, club logos, shirt designs, etc... for the Dutch League 2003-2004.

EA have not confirmed the deal yet, but there seems to be no doubt the Dutch League will be back in Fifa 2004!

Also, SoccergameZ have published 16 new high-quality kits (with many new 2004 season kits), and today they will publish another 20 kits. These kits are already available:

  • German kits
    • Borussia Dortmund H 2004
    • Bayern Munchen H 2004
    • Bayern Munchen GK 2004
  • Dutch kits
    • Ajax A 2004
    • Nac H 2004
    • Nac A 2004
  • Belgian kits
    • Anderlecht A 2004
    • Lierse GK
    • Heusden-Zolder A
  • English kits
    • Fulham H 2004
    • Tottenham A 2004
  • Other kits
    • Celtic Glasgow H 2004
    • Chicago Fire H 2004
    • Chicago Fire A 2004
    • Porto H 2004
    • Porto A 2004

Click here to download all these great kits from SoccergameZ.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

New FIFAECP.com Design

Visit FIFA ECPOur partners over at FIFAECP.com have been given a new design by Dan "Breamster" Bream of our partners Breamster.com. Dan has also taken on the role as the new FIFAECP Webmaster.

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Latest Flag Sets from FIFA IL

Here are some of the latest flags by Shlomy which you can now obtain from our partners over at FIFA IL.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

  • Maccabi Tel-Aviv New Ultras Flags Version 3 (plus Maccabi Tel-Aviv Menu & Desktop)
  • Real Madrid Authentic Flags Version 2
  • Barcelona Ultras Flags Version 2
  • Ajax Amsterdam F-Side Ultras Flags Version 2
  • Feyenoord Ultras Flags
  • Fenerbahce Authentic Flags
  • PSG Authentic Flags Set
  • Lazio Authentic Flags
  • Borussia Dortmund Original Flags
  • Bayern Munich Authentic Flags
  • Marseille Authentic Flags
  • FC Porto Ultras Flags
  • The American Mega Patch, which contains 128 flags for many clubs, such as Boca Juniors, River Plate, America de Mexico, America de Cali, Olimpia, Cruz Azul and many many more

All these, plus many more can be found in their Flags Section. Get on over to FIFA IL today to get your copies of these excellent flags.

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Liga Ecuatoriana Tesalia Sport 2003 Patch

Over at FifaSpot they recently launched the Liga Ecuatoriana Tesalia Sport 2003 Patch.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

Patch features:

  • 10 completely new Teams with the most accurate rosters, formations, tactics and player transfers
  • 10 Home kits for each team
  • 10 Away kits for each team
  • New Goalkeeper kits
  • New Ecuadorian adboards
  • 80 New flags/8 per team
  • New Crowd Chants
  • New Badges for menus and ingame logos
  • Easy installer
  • New Gameplay

This patch will be updated weekly and next week's update will bring new boots, turfs, gloves and nets. Get all your information on this and all the world's Super Patches in our Patches Database.

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Monday, June 23, 2003

Greek Super Patch 2003 RC1 beta

Mike Pissanos, who is one of the developers of the Greek Super Patch for FIFA, has contacted us as he and his friends have released a beta version of their GSP 2003 patch, referred to as the GSP 2003 RC1.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

Below is the low down on the patch:

  • Patch adds 5 additional Greek teams to the Rest of World league:
    • AEK, ARIS, Iraklis, Panthinaikos and Panionios
  • Teams include realistic home, away and 3rd (alternate kits)
  • Goal keeper kits for all teams
  • Realistic banners, flags and team logos
  • Realistic chants for each team
  • Up to date rosters including player stats, age, height, weight etc
They will be making small additions to the patch until they release the full version. Full details plus download location can be found in our Patches Database.

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Sunday, June 22, 2003

Awesome Update v2.0 released

Cyprom over at FIFA Belgium is proud to announce the release of his Awesome Update v2.0.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

This second version of the update includes:

  • Complete rosters for MLS teams and also Costa Rica, Mexico and U.S.A.
  • Home, Away, 3rd and Golie kits
  • Supporters flags and banners
  • Menu-Kits, menu logos and in-game logos
  • New teams (America Mexico, Cruz Azul, Arnett Gardens FC and LD Alajuelense)
  • New national teams (Albania, Estonia, Serbia-Montenegro, Romania, Morocco, Colombia, Iran, Bulgaria, Honduras, Egypt, Israel, Ukraine, Jamaica, Trinidad, New Zealand, Slovakia, Hungary and Guatemala)
  • New competition : FIFA Confederation Cup - France 2003
  • Specific teams ID based from older FIFA Games (e.g. 1411 - Japan)
  • .BAT files to install mini-kits and logos

You can grab more screenshots and download this patch by visiting the Patches Database.

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Canada Super Patch update

Every year for the past 3 seasons a great event has taken place for Canadian soccer fans, the guys over at our partners FIFA CONCACAF have released their Canadian Super Patch. The Canada Super Patch 2003 is coming along nicely.

ScreenshotsClick for larger imageClick for larger image

Most of the main graphics are completed.. just some menus, rosters and maybe adboards and a ball left to do.

Check out the screen shot above and keep an eye on FIFA CONCACAF 'cause it's coming soon!

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Sweetpatch's Soccer Snippets

Barnsley Negotiations Hit Snag
Attempts by Peter Ridsdale and his consortium to buy Barnsley Football Club, have hit a major snag, with time running out to save the club.

Rio On Becks
Beckham only decided to quit United after the club accepted an offer for him according to Rio Ferdinand. The defender said: "A week ago it hit me when they said they'd accepted a bid from Barcelona for Becks."

Konchesky Transfer Granted
Charlton have reluctantly granted Paul Konchesky's transfer request. The 22-year-old was disappointed not to hold down a regular first team place in his preferred position of left back last season and has decided to move to further his career.

Sean Davis Is Named As TOOFIF Player Of The Year
Fulham fans on TOOFIF.com have named Sean Davis as their player of the season 2002/03 with Mark Taylor and Steed Malbranque finishing second and third respectively...

Ian Taylor And Alan Wright Testimonial Evening
VFC in partnership with the Aston Villa Shareholders Association are honoured and proud to announce a 'Testimonial' Evening for Ian Taylor and Alan Wright.

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Friday, June 20, 2003

2003/04 Barclaycard Premiership fixtures

4thegame.com - All new fixture lists to downloadThe 2003/04 Barclaycard Premiership fixtures have been released. Go to your favourite team's page to see their season's fixtures at 4thegame.

As a bonus for Barclaycard FC members, they've designed a 'print out and keep' pocket size guide to your teams' games - to help you plan your season.

To download this guide, all you have to do is click here and log in to Barclaycard Football Club.

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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Be one of the first to get your Beckham Real Madrid shirt

Now that David Beckham has moved to Real Madrid, why not be one of the first people in the world to get yourself his replica shirt?

Beckham Shirt Click to order your Beckham Real Madrid shirt Click to order your Beckham Real Madrid shirt

Visit our partners at Kitbag.com to order your new shirt today.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

New step to perfection - Geordie style!

It has been a long time since our partners ECP created any stadiums. Both their stadium makers were very busy and also simply wanted to have a rest (we're all people, aren't we?). But now they're happy to announce that they are back and here's their first work for FIFA 2003.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

Newcastle's fans! That's for ya and for your great team which played very well this UCL season and promoted also to the next 2003 season of this powerful tourney. Fully detailed St. James Park Stadium with all UCL attributes and photo-realistic textures! And more... there are two versions:

  • day version for the EPL matches
  • and night version for the Champions League battles

Hey, don't waste a second, run to FIFA ECP to not miss this.

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Beckham to sign for Real Madrid

As we speculated yesterday, England captain David Beckham has agreed to sign for Spanish giants Real Madrid from Manchester United.

David Beckham to Real Madrid

The 28-year-old will sign for 25million euros (29.6million dollars) on a four year contract according to private radio station Cadena Ser, though Real will pay the money in five parts.

United will receive another 10million euros depending on trophies won while he is there.

Sources from the club said that he would be presented as a Real player on July 2.

He had been strongly linked with Real's bitter rivals Barcelona, though the player himself had said he was not interested in joining them.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

United could listen to Madrid Beckham offers

David BeckhamManchester United could be ready to listen to a bid from Real Madrid for David Beckham after preliminary talks took place between the clubs.

The Barclaycard Premiership champions have already struck a deal with new Barcelona president Joan Laporta. He was duly installed last night and re-iterated his intention to open talks with the England captain's representatives. However, the transfer is far from cut and dried with Beckham understood to be reluctant about moving to the Nou Camp.

The facts seem to be:

  • United have also had dialogue with Madrid, who have shown interest in securing the services of the Old Trafford icon.
  • Chief executive Peter Kenyon and managing director David Gill flew to Sardinia last week to meet officials from Real.
  • It is understood the timetable now is for Barcelona to try and negotiate with Beckham or for Madrid to make an acceptable offer to United.
  • Old Trafford's top brass are said to be in daily contact with manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who is on holiday in France.
  • Beckham himself only returned from in America on Saturday. He is due to head out to the Far East later this week on sponsorship business.

The situation could become clearer next week as the Spanish League reaches a conclusion on Sunday. Madrid are within touching distance of the title while Barcelona are not even assured of a UEFA Cup place. They made have to settle for the Intertoto Cup.

While Laporta insisted he "never promised" to bring in Beckham, he remains a prime transfer target for the Spanish giants. Laporta was speaking following his election as the club's supremo. He told BBC Radio 5 Live:

"I did not promise to bring David Beckham to Barcelona. I said I had an agreement with Manchester United that contained conditions. One of those conditions was that I became president of the club. I have now done that. To make a strong football team it is very important we have players like David Beckham. I know it is a difficult decision for Beckham and his family but I know he would be delighted to be in our city, our team, our country."

We look forward to the conclusion of this thriller soon.

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Monday, June 16, 2003

Get ready for the C-League

Canadian fans rejoice. Based in large part on the existing Canadian A-League teams, this semi-fantasy 12-team Canadian league patch will feature kits, menu items, flags and more.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

Also bundled together with this patch will be a graphics update for the popular A-League patch. Watch for both of these great patches coming soon from our partners FIFA CONCACAF.

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Sunday, June 15, 2003

Breamster.com EPL Patch v1.0 update

The excitement is still building in the Soccergaming Forums around the development of the English Premier League patch from the guys over at Breamster.com.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

A thread in the Soccergaming Forum can be viewed to see all the latest developments as this patch progresses which includes:

  • new kits (in both 2GK and normal formats)
    • Arsenal - GK
    • Man Utd - Home, Away and 3rd
    • Chelsea - Home
    • Liverpool - Home
    • Newcastle - Home
  • new adboards
  • many new faces including:
    • Cudicini
  • new boots
  • Nike Geo Merlin ball
  • new title menu
  • EPL Patch EXE tool also!

The patch will be released before the new season, with maybe a rosters update to confirm any late signings. Keep a regular eye on the Soccergaming Forum for all the latest progress with this patch.

You can also now find full details of this patch in our Patches Database as it has returned to normal operation.

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New website for fans of Boca Juniors

Click here to visit Boca Juniors IsraelThe newest and biggest website for the Argentinian empire of Boca Juniors in Israel has opened at Boca Juniors Israel. In the website you can find:

  • wallpapers
  • translation for the chants in Hebrew
  • screen savers
  • and much more

This is all for Boca, who are in the semi-finals of the Copa Toyota Libertadores. Enter now to Boca Juniors Israel.

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Saturday, June 14, 2003

Creation Centre FAQ Released

EA SPORTS have just released a very helpful Creation Centre FAQ.

Screenshots Click for larger image Click for larger image

Compiled by FIFA expert and long time friend, Chris Davies, the CC FAQ will help you with most of the common, and some of the more advanced issues for the Creation Centre. Read it here.

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Sweetpatch's Soccer Snippets

Gongs For Monsieurs Houllier And Wenger!
Gerard Houllier and Arsene Wenger have both been awarded honorary OBE's in the latest Honours List. Foreign secretary Jack Straw says that we 'are all fans of these two Frenchmen'...

Club Admit Big Three Interest
Despite reports to the contrary Sam Allardyce is interested in Panathinikos winger Jan Michaelsen, Roma defender Jonathan Zebina and AC Milan center-back Martin Laursen!

Sin Bin To Be Tested
The eyes of the PFA will be peeled this weekend as a new rule is given a test during the ex-pros six-a-side tournament in Coventry. Sin bins will be seen in British Football for the first time.

Parliament Football Enquiry Launched
A Parliamentary enquiry into the state of our national game started yesterday in Westminster. Its aim is to investigate all aspects of football finances and will be taking submissions from fans.

Spurs Seek Ameobi For Carr
Tottenham will only allow Stephen Carr to move to Newcastle if England under-21 striker Shola Ameobi is part of the deal.

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Friday, June 13, 2003

Pre order your copy of Fifa 2004

For true football fans that demand the finest gameplay and comprehensive game modes, FIFA Football 2004 is the most complete and authentic soccer experience.

Fifa 2004

A new Career Mode gives you the chance to take a team from the lower divisions, battle through ranks, sign new players, and turn them into champions. The action is deeper than ever with advanced levels of player detail and responsiveness. There are also more immersive atmospheres, benchmark presentation, total realism with the world's premier clubs, and industry-leading gameplay, FIFA Football 2004 returns as the true authority in soccer gaming.

Be one of the first people in the world to pre-order your copy of FIFA Football 2004 by selecting your preferred platform below:

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Thursday, June 12, 2003

The PlayStation 2 is now online (and so are we again!)

To celebrate the transfer to our new hosts, today we can bring you this great offer.

The world's most successful games machine is branching out to provide you with multi-player gaming opportunities with players from all over the globe!

Screenshots Click to buy the new PS2 Network Adapter Click to buy the new PS2 Network Adapter

The first compatible games available are:

  • SOCOM: US Navy SEALs - a voice-enabled team-based shooter, and
  • Twisted Metal Black Online - a superior car-combat game

Your console gaming experience is about to change forever. Get your PS2 Network Adapter today for £24.99 from our Shop by clicking here.

Expect a lot more going on around here soon as we now have a much more reliable hosting service. It's great to be back and creative again. No more silly hosting constraints.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Superliga Portuguesa 2002/2003 v2

The guys over at Fifa Mania are proud to announce the release of version 2 of their Superliga Portuguesa 2002/2003 patch for FIFA2003.

Screenshots Click for larger imageClick for larger image

The patch is 110 Mb and you don't need the v1 to play it, it's completely independent from the first version and contains:

  • Updated and fixed rosters
  • Updated and fixed kits
  • Teams of the Portuguese 1st Division available
  • Teams of the Portuguese 2nd Division available
  • "Superliga Patch Manager" with new design and new functionality
  • New menus, backgrounds and popups
  • More specific faces to the Superliga players and others faces improved
  • New fonts to the Superliga teams
  • New Soundtrack to the game
  • Chants to the 3 main Superliga teams (FC Porto, Benfica and Sporting)
  • New Adboards for other leagues and another competitions
  • New Cinematics for substitutions, goals and trophy celebrations
  • Some changed cameras for the game
  • Crack (NO CD) included

Unfortunately it looks like the patch has been too popular as the site is currently unavailable. When the site is back up, check the Patch Homepage with screenshots, staff info and important news by clicking here. Enjoy when their server is back up.

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Monday, June 9, 2003

Latest Additions from FIFA IL

Over at our partners, FIFA IL you can find some new downloads for your FIFA 2003.

You can find in their Download Source those latest additions:

  • Avi Nimny Face.
  • Fenerbahce Authentic Flags.
  • Maccabi Tel-Aviv Goalie Kit.
  • Marseille Authentic Flags.
  • Maccabi Haifa Goalie Kit.
  • Old-Trafford Stadium New Designed Sky.
  • & more...

So head over to FIFA IL and download those latest additions, plus much more quality files. Enjoy.

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Breamster.com EPL Patch v1.0

Great news for all fans of the English Premier League, our newest partners at Breamster.com will be making a full EPL patch.

ScreenshotsClick for larger imageClick for larger image

A new thread in the Soccergaming Forums can be viewed and used to post your opinions and suggestions to tell them what you want to have in it.

You can also soon find full details of this patch in our Patches Database when it returns to normal operation (this week hopefully).

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Latest Utilities from Soccer Access

Ariel is it again over at Soccer Access. He has released a new Raptor and has announced news of one more arriving this week.

Systray Raptor
Click for larger imageSystray Raptor will place a small Raptor icon in your systray from where you will be able to start any of your raptors and some other useful applications for FIFA Editors. You can setup your Systray Raptor to be started on Windows startup. No more Raptor icons on your desktop.

Apparently there is a little bug in Systray Raptor as Ariel forgot to include Photo Raptor option since he developed Systray before Photo Raptor. So he will be releasing a new version soon. Anyway download this one from our Fifa 2003 Download Boutique (it's only 200 kb) and try it . Check what you would like to add to Systray Raptor by going to their new thread in the SoccerAccess Forums to post your ideas.

Chant Raptor is coming
Many of you have asked for this utility and during this week Ariel will be releasing it. With the Chant Raptor you will be able to import chants for teams, players or even generic chants. He will also include a help file with tips about editing audio files to get the best performance with less kb.

Keep a regular eye on Soccer Access for all their latest and greatest news.

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Sunday, June 8, 2003

Official FIFA 2004 Promo Movie

The official FIFA 2004 promo movie by EA SPORTS which was shown for the first time at the E3 expo in the US in May, is now available for download.

Click here to download E3 FIFA 2004 Movie Click for larger image Click for larger image

This movie contains 36 seconds of pure FIFA 2004 action including a first look at:

  • the cool 3D-crowd
  • player names on the back of the shirts
  • and many more cool features of 'FIFA 2004'.

The movie is available at the official EA Sports Fifa 2004 sites.

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Spot The Ball and WIN!

How would you like to get your hands on a Newcastle shirt signed by Sir Bobby Robson, a genuine Wembley turf globe and some other great Total Club Manager Merchandise?

Screenshots Click to win Click to win

All you have to do to win this great kit is click here, Spot The Ball in the picture provided, enter your answer and details on the page and cross your fingers!

Also, check out the TCM 2004 Developer Diary by clicking here.

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Sweetpatch's Soccer Snippets

PSG Coach Vows To Keep Ron
Paris St Germain manager Vahid Halilhodzic is sticking to his guns and saying that they will hold on to Ronaldinho - but everyone else reckons that the toothy one is dead set for Man United. Eh?!

Mills Reckons Robbo Might Have To Go
No-stranger-to-controversy Danny Mills has stunned Leeds by telling Shoot magazine that Paul Robinson should be sold! Mills feels above all else, Viduka and Kewell must stay and if he had a choice then Robinson would be the man on his way.

Big Jaap For The Arse
Arsenal are alerted by news that Jaap Stam is leaving Lazio for a knockdown £4million. The Dutchman cost £16m when he left Man Utd in 2001 and Lazio are resigned to losing him for a fraction of that after failing to pay his wages for six months.

Honour For Wolves' Sir Jack
Wolves supremo Sir Jack Hayward was honoured yesterday when Molineux way was changed to Jack Hayward Way in recognition of everything the great man has done for our club. Now it is time for the council to award the freedom of the city to Sir Jack.

Carr's Euro Demands
Stephen Carr has told Tottenham he will leave unless they are playing regularly in Europe. And the Republic of Ireland international has set his sights high by demanding Champions League football...

Emerton Set For Toon Talk
Feyenoord have admitted Sir Bobby is favourite to land Brett Emerton, despite interest from Arsenal and Middlesbrough. The Evening Chronicle say no bid has been made, but Sky Sports say Fred has certainly put his money on the table...

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Friday, June 6, 2003

New downloads from FIFA Web Portal!

Hello everyone again! We over at FIFA Web Portal uploaded few new things for you and your FIFA 2003!
  • Scoreboard Selector 3.0

  • Scoreboard Selector 3.1 (FIXED VERSION)

  • Gloves Selector

  • UEFA Champions League FINALE Turf (very realistic)
and much much more, also we are now working on our new tool, Kick Meter Selector, this tool will allow you to easily import your kick mater(Designed by you) in the game.

Also after we finish this tool, Kick Meter Selector we will start working on Pause Menu Selector, the tool that will allow you to easily import your own Pause Menu Graphics to the game!

About Scoreboard Selector 3.0 and fixed version 3.1, first of all, you must have installed Version 3.0, then download fixed version 3.1 (only 150 kb) and then run Tool and it will fully work!

Croatian Division 1 Mega Patch 4.0
  • All 24 2GK Kits

  • Real Flags for all teams

  • All GK Kits

  • Real Chants for most teams

  • Real Scoreboard

  • Real Adboards

  • Stadium Maksimir (Dinamo Zagreb)

  • Stadium Poljud (Hajduk Split)

  • New Turfs

  • New Nets
This Croatian Division 1 Mega Patch 4.0 is still under dev. so you can espect Hajduk - Dinamo Demo very very soon, all info, and more you can find only on FIFA Web Portal

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Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Sweetpatch's Soccer Snippets

Ambrosini's for keeps
Chelsea have confirmed that the Londoners will be signing Cheivo's number two keeper Marco Ambrosini. He will arrive next month on a free transfer.

Duncan Disorderly
Duncan Ferguson has been given a three-match after giving Aston Villa's Joey Gudjonsson in April. What odds that Dunc'll be injured during his suspension...

Painting the town red, white and blue
Spurs defender Alton Thelwell is the latest player to be added to Gillingham's wanted list. The 22-year-old will be a free agent when his contract expires on June 30th, and joins John Hills, Ian Cox and Andy Myers as transfer targets.

Hatters want Harford back
It doesn't get much more farcical than down at Luton. Having recently sacked Mick Harford, the former Hatters coach has been offered his job back.

Des Res?
Carlisle defender Des Byrne, who was sacked by the club in March, has pleaded for a second chance at Brunton Park. Byrne was "suspended indefinitely" by the club for breaking a strict curfew following the 5-1 defeat at home to Hull City.

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Monday, June 2, 2003

Sweetpatch's Dad presenting at Internet World 2003

That's right folks, I will be away for a couple of days now as I am presenting at the Internet World 2003 show at Earls Court, London this week. It is related to my day job and not this site.

Visit the show

Check out my slot at 13:15 on Tuesday by clicking here.

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Snap away, the Photo Raptor is here

Click for larger imageAriel has done it again over at Soccer Access. This time he has released the excellent Photo Raptor.

It enables you to take your favourite team photo with just one click. Also, you will be able to import your site logo that will be displayed during the photograph cinematic.

Go grab your copy of Ariel's latest excellent utility from our Fifa 2003 Download Boutique.

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