July 2000

Saturday, July 29, 2000

Assistance required with MRA Germany

We have received the following request for assistance over at our MRA Germany site:

I am Lennart, one of the two webmasters of German MRA. We need someone who can help us updating the site. You should know the MRA and should speak German ;-).

If your are interested in helping us please write me an E-mail...

P.S.: Eigentlich hätte ich es ja auch gleich in Deutsch schreiben können *g*

Posted by Dave

Aston Villa Super Patch is released

As promised, the much awaited Aston Villa Super Patch has been released today. You can find the full feature list in the Patches Database and you can download the patch exclusively from the Official Patch site at http://www.fifa00.com/villa/patch.htm

Click for larger image

Pay Nick a visit as he has done a great job with this patch.

Posted by Dave

Friday, July 28, 2000

Patches Database Updated

The Patches Database has been updated today with details of 2 new patches:
  • Official Euro-Ball Mega Patch (released 25th July)
  • Invierno Infierno Mexican Patch (to be released on 1st August)

Check out the Patches Database for a full feature list of both of these patches.

Posted by Dave

Thursday, July 27, 2000

MLS News Update (Part 1 of 3)

After disappearing from the net for some time now, the MLS2000 NA patch is almost ready to resurface at a new location! This will be version two of the patch that will feature 4 new leagues along with new graphics to add to what the patch originally brings you!!

Also, remember the pop up graphics tutorial that was also available at the patches old home, FIFACS MLS? Well, this tutorial will also make it's return to the net and better! Now you will be taught how to create a complete graphics patch instead of just adding a few images!! How good is this tutorial? Well, let's just say that the Sky Sports Patch by Ste Cooper and Ozzie's MRA Graphics Patch and ESPN Graphics Patch were created with the help of the tutorial!!

So stay tuned to this site as we will try to bring you further details in the development of Ozzie's great new site

Posted by Dave

Monday, July 24, 2000

2nd Music Track for the MRA Mega Patch is Released

As promised , the 2nd excellent music track for the MRA Mega Patch from RedKola has been released today. The track is entitled "A Taste Of Kola" and is described by RedKola as:

'This is the title track to my first album. Another Trance track which follows on and indeed, joins onto the end of "To the Limit"'. ("To the Limit" will be available for you soon).

Click to visit RedKola's site

You can get your version of this great track to use in your Fifa 2000 game from the Mega Patch page and also get your own MP3 version from RedKola's site. Check back regularly as we still have another 5 tracks to be released for you over the coming weeks.

Posted by Dave

Saturday, July 22, 2000

Patches Database Completely Updated

I have given the Patches Database a complete update so now all the latest Super Patches which have been developed or are being developed to be compliant with the MRA should be up to date. If you find any that need updating then please inform me.

If you know of any patches which you feel should be included then please contact me with the following details regarding the patch:

  • Patch Name
  • Features
  • Status of Patch (Under Development or Released)
  • Release Date
  • Size of Patch

I will ensure that all patch details that are given to me will be included in the database so you have a comprehensive resource to turn to when you want to know about any patches which have been released or are under development.

Also inform me of any improvements you feel we can make to the Patches database.

Posted by Dave

Aston Villa Super Patch Season 1999/2000

The developer of this great patch, Nick Clarke has contacted me with the following news update:

The first version, "Season 1999/2000" of my Aston Villa Super Patch is complete. It is currently in beta testing and providing no big problems are found, will be releasing it on Saturday 29th July. Here is a full list of the features of this patch:

  • Updated Squad for 99/00 season
  • 4 Classic Villa Sides - 1957 FA Cup Winners, 1977 League Cup Winners, 1982 European Cup Winners and 1994 Coca-Cola Cup Winners
  • New Jerseys
  • Correct team management
  • Villa Park Stadium and Adboards
  • FA Premier League Ball
  • Sky Sports Popups
  • New Aston Villa In-Game Menu's

This version is for the 1999/2000 season. The next version will be for the forthcoming 2000/2001 season and will include updated jerseys, stadium and adboards with the new sponsors, updated rosters and so on.

Below are couple of screenshots from the patch. For more, you can visit the patch website here - www.fifa00.com/villa/patch.htm

Click for larger image   Click for larger image

Posted by Dave

Wednesday, July 19, 2000

MRA Mega Patch is Released

After many months of development the excellent Mega Patch is ready for you to download. The patch has been made possible because of the hard work of its co-ordinator Matias Reis (big thank you to Matias) and the input of all the Mega Patch developers. I would like to take this moment to thank the following generous people for all of their efforts in enabling the Patch to be Mega:
  • Matias Reis - Head Developer, MRA Stadium, Rosters, MRA Goalie Kits and MRA away kit and lots of other bits and bobs
  • Jordan Stavridis - Menus, Backgrounds, Referees Kit and the latest addition of his Superb Turfs v6
  • Ozzie Montiel - MRA Pop Ups
  • Pedro Zunzunegui - Who came up with the idea for the excellent Electronic Adboards
  • Rich Butler - MRA Kit developer
  • RedKola - Music
  • Jamie Gilbert - Install program

The MRA Mega Patch is a tribute to the MRA utility and includes people in the 'MRA Team' from the SoccerGaming world who have contributed and assisted towards the success of the MRA project. It includes some great features created by some great people.

Click for larger image of MRA 'SoccerGaming' Team

In the interest of download times we have broken the patch into 3 main parts:

  • The core patch which includes all of the features minus the Pitches and the Music (2.6Mb)
  • Optional choices of pitches:
    • MRA Pitches (3D mode) (585Kb)
    • MRA Pitches (Software mode) (948Kb)
    • Jordan Stavridis' excellent new Superb Turfs (1.26Mb)
  • Regular releases of the Music developed exclusively for the Mega Patch by RedKola

Please refer below for a few tasters of the patch and then visit the MRA Mega Patch page for full feature list, more screen shots and to download your copy of the patch.

Click for larger image   Click for larger image
Click for larger image

We really hope you enjoy this patch and would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below this article.

Posted by Dave

Sunday, July 16, 2000

MRA Mega Patch release is imminent

The MRA Mega Patch Team of Matias, Jamie and myself have all been working none stop this weekend to finalise the release of the Mega Patch. As soon as it is completed it will be available here for your enjoyment. In the meantime please enjoy some of the screenshots from the patch.

Posted by Dave

Saturday, July 15, 2000

Big Interview over at German Fifa 2000 Online

Today is a big day in my life as I have hit the dizzy heights of having my interview with the award winning Fifa Gaming Personality of the Year 2000 Mr Stefan Münstedt published over at German Fifa 2000 Online. I have included below the Alta Vista translation of Stefan's introduction as it is rather funny in places:

Stefan: I am to be allowed to present here very proudly today a further large personality of the international FIFA scene with German FIFA 2000 on-line to you. In a long discussion David Witts underwent to unit every interesting questions. David Witts became " famous " by the programming " FIFA MRA" utilities: Thus can you different Datensaetze/Patches in FIFA 2000 administer, without constantly - and to install to have or on a certain Patch be dependent. Naja, I thinks, the majority from you knows and has this coole Progi. Which however most do not know probably are that David Witts also... oh which I talk: Checks nevertheless even times: David Witts in the Hall OF Game!

Check out the interview in its full glory here and thanks to Stefan for a great photo!

Posted by Dave

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Get your own copy of the MRA Newsletter

Would you like to be kept up to date with all the latest news from the world of the MRA, then sign up for our weekly newsletter and never miss another piece of vital news.

Click here to sign up for your very own weekly copy.

Posted by Dave

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

New MRA Blue Sky Skin

Matias Reis, the co-ordinator of the MRA Mega Patch development has found the time to develop a great new MRA Skin entitled "Blue Sky".

Check out the screen shot below and then download your own version from the Skins Downloads page.

Click for larger image

Posted by Dave

Friday, July 7, 2000

Fifa Gaming Awards - Best Utility

We would like to pass on our sincere congratulations to Chau Le for his deserved victory in the "Battle of the Utilities" over at the Fifa Gaming Awards. Chau polled a massive 48% of the votes! Final positions were as follows:

Position Utility
% of Votes
1 FEd 2000
2 ChantUtil 2.0
3 Sonique FSH
5 Chico
6 Stadium Changer
7 EA Graphics Editor

We came in a credible joint 3rd which I think is a very good showing - obviously we hoped for a lot better but at least we got some votes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has contributed to making the MRA a successful and popular utility - thanks everybody!

Posted by Dave

Tuesday, July 4, 2000

EURO 2000 Celebratory Skins Competition

Wow, what a fantastic tournament EURO 2000 has been, polished off by a memorable finale with drama right upto the last kick. It has totally restored my belief in International soccer after the disappointments of France 98.

As a mark of respect for this tournament and so it may long live on in our memory, I have decided to run a competition to create MRA Skins in celebration of this great tournament.

Please feel free to create a Skin based on any memorable goal, match or whatever left you feeling great about the tournament. It is very easy to create your own Skin and full instructions on what to do can be found at the Skins Support page.

Please refer to screen shot below of an excellent early entry from our good friend Rich Butler. He has set a very high standard already.

Click for full size image
Click for full size image

I will post all the Skins as they become available but when I have received all the entries you can then vote for your favorite. I am also hoping to get sponsorship for this competition so we can offer some great prizes.

When you have created your masterpiece, please send it to myself with the following additional information:

  • Name of Skin
  • Reason for selecting this moment/event as your favorite memory from EURO 2000
  • What your ever lasting memory/thoughts were of EURO 2000

I have initially set the closing date as Monday 31st July but if I am still receiving plenty of entries by then I may extend this date. I hope this competition raises alot of interest and we are excitedly awaiting your entries.

Posted by Dave

Sunday, July 2, 2000

Great New Features for Mega Patch

The MRA Mega Patch has recently received some great new additions and therefore we have decided to delay the release by upto a couple of weeks to enable us to fully integrate these excellent new features into the Patch:

Click for screen shot  
Click for screen shot
  Click for screen shot
Pop Ups by Ozzie Montiel
Referee's Kit
by Jordan Stavridis
Pop Ups by Ozzie Montiel

Check out the Mega Patch page to see all the latest features and screen shots.

Posted by Dave

Interview with GFO 2000

I have been kindly invited to give an interview with Stefan Münstedt from German Fifa 2000 Online (GFO 2000) in their 'Hall of Game' series. Here are a few of the questions from the interview:
  • Subject FIFA MRA: Maybe one of the most useful FIFA-tools of all the time. With the MRA (Multi Roster Assistant), you can use several rosters for FIFA 2000. A cool idea, but how and when did you get this idea!?
  • Lots of patches become "MRA-Compliant". That means that they're configured to be compatible with the FIFA-MRA. As a consequence of that, you know a lot of people and their patches from all around the world. Which patch do you think was the best or will be the best?

Check back soon for the full interview.

Posted by Dave

Voting for the MRA

The MRA has been involved in a couple of prestigious voting polls recently and we eagerly await the results. We were entered in Soccer Gaming's 'Fifa Gaming Awards' in the 'Best Utility' category. The results of this highly prestigious award will be announced in the next couple of days so keep an eye here to see how we faired.

We are also in the 'Fifa 10 Top Creators Poll' at Fifanet.com This poll is still open for voting so pop over there and cast your vote for us (David Witts).

Posted by Dave