August 2000

Thursday, August 31, 2000

Massive Patches Update

As promised, we have a massive update in the Patches Database for you today.

Click to view full size version of BFA screen   Click to view full size version of DE2004 screen

Updated details have been included for all the following patches (click on Nickname or Patch Name to go direct to patch details):

Nickname Patch Name Status
BFA 2001 Borussia Dortmund Fifa Add-On 2000/01 under development
SLC 2000 Super Liga Chilena 2000 released
DE2004 Dutch/Euro 2004 (Portugal 2004) Patch released
GFA 2000 German FIFA 2000 Add-on beta v0.894 released
Mex2K Mexico Super Patch under development for Fifa 99
SC 2000 Super Colombia 2000 released
TR F2K Treebeard's Rosters for Fifa 2000 released
TUDU Dutch Patch under development

Check out the above patches by clicking on their links or visit the Patches Database for all available Super Patches by clicking here.

Posted by Dave


Great news from my good friend and MRA Skin developer Ozzie. At FIFA MLS they have just released another new tutorial!! They now have:
  • a 128 color kit tutorial
  • to go along with their pop up tutorial,
  • 64 color kit tutorial,
  • stadium tutorial,
  • and transparency tutorial!!

Pop over to the FIFA MLS site to grab your copy of these great tutorials and check out the goings on in the virtual and real worlds of the MLS.

Posted by Dave

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Big Update Later

Sorry for a lack of news over the last couple of days but I have been extremely busy with the band I play in and my family commitments.

Later this evening we will have a big update in the Patches Database including details on all the following patches:

  • BFA 2001: Borussia Dortmund Fifa Add-On 2000/01
  • D/E (Euro 2004) Super Patch
  • Mexico Super Patch

Check back later for details of all of these patches and more in the popular Patches Database.

Posted by Dave