August 2007

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Compilation of the Month News - 2nd collaboration between Perplekks and Wepeeler

The FIFA gaming community had better brace themselves for the much anticipated 2nd collaboration between Perplekks and Wepeeler.

The 1st collaboration was a major success, but the 2 FIFA gamers have RE-UNITED to shock the FIFA gaming community once again! This time, they took it personal and the end result was Dynamite.

Get ready for the official release on Thursday night/Friday morning (Just in time for the official release of the new Sweetpatch.TV site!)

Time to get teased by watching below:

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FIFA 07 News - First Season of XLEAGUE.TV FIFA 07 League Completed

FIFA 07 News - First Season of XLEAGUE.TV FIFA 07 League Completed Last weekend saw the first XLEAGUE.TV FIFA 07 League come to an end. Their most active league, FIFA 07 saw the final 8 players fight it out in the play-offs, for a first prize of £500 and runner up prize of £100.

2nd place contender Dazfeeder returned to their studio’s as well as 1st place Sonman, ready to prove why he had made it to the top of the league.

Although many expected favourite Jay Buchanan to reign triumphant, the pressure was too much, as he fell at the first hurdle to 3rd place Benzilla. Both very talented FIFA 07 players yet from different classes of play. Buchanan a deadly finesse specialist, the other completely against the use of the finesse shot.

The whole day saw upsets and favourites fail to impress, you could feel the nerves in the air, fingers twitching. Benzilla managed to make it to the final, defeating another favourite, Sonny ‘Sonman’ Walton in a nail-biting semi-final, trading goals off each other.

The hero of the day came in the form of none other than Darren ‘Dazfeeder’ Tee, giving out a 5-1 drubbing at the first stage and steadily working his way to the final, which he convincingly won against the most improved player in the league, Benzilla.

With the 2nd season now in full swing, we can only expect more of the same, if not better, as all players continue to improve.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Football News - Get Big Frank's Club Alerts on Your Phone

Football News - Get Big Frank's Club Alerts on Your Phone"This is awesome and I can't believe the quality of these alerts!" This was a quote from a good friend and long time fan of this site when he signed up recently for Big Franks Alerts.

As the English Premiership kicks off this weekend, why not join him and get all the latest football news, match reports and scores delivered direct to your mobile, as it happens by Big Frank himself.

Sign up to any combination of alerts services from Big Frank and he'll deliver an up to the minute audio/video commentary about your football team.

Big Frank only wants to tell you what you want to know, so his service has been customised to let you choose exactly what information you want to receive.

Click here to see a video of Big Frank in action and then sign up to get all the very latest news for your team direct to your mobile phone by clicking here.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Football News - Play the World Leagues Predictor Game

Football News - Play the World Leagues Predictor Game So, do you think you know your football? Do you think you could be a better pundit than those in the media? Do you think you would be able to guess the outcome of matches before they take place?

If the answer is 'yes' to these questions, then you should start taking part in's World Leagues Predictor.

It's exclusive, it's easy to play and it's free!

Every week from the start of the European season (August 2007), will be selecting ten fixtures from around the globe. All you have to do is select the winning team or say whether you think the game will end in a draw.

One of these ten specially selected fixtures will be a 'Joker.' With the 'Joker' you have to specify the score and this could potentially earn you bonus points as you join the race to win prizes that money simply can't buy!

Not only will you be battling it out against football fans from around the world, you will also be able to establish leagues, so you can take on your friends, family and colleagues in order to prove that you are the paramount Predictor among the people you know!

Keep an eye on the site as their World Leagues Predictor is due to be launched any day now.

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English Premier League News - United Win Community Shield on Penalties

English Premier League News - United Win Community Shield on PenaltiesManchester United won the Community Shield after a 3-0 penalty shoot-out triumph over Chelsea at Wembley.

Keeper Edwin van der Sar was the hero, saving three penalties in a row to give United victory after the match finished 1-1 after 90 minutes.

Reds skipper Ryan Giggs put the Barclays Premier League champions in front 10 minutes before the break. Nemanja Vidic sent over a fantastic cross-field pass to Patrice Evra on the left side and he combined with Cristiano Ronaldo before teeing up Giggs, who blasted his shot into the roof of the net.

Right on the stroke of half-time, Chelsea drew level with a debut goal from new signing Florent Malouda. Ashley Cole hit a precision pass over the United back four and Malouda got the better of Rio Ferdinand before slotting home a neat left-foot finish.

With the scores locked at 1-1, the match went to penalties. Van der Sar saved from Claudio Pizarro, Frank Lampard and Shaun Wright-Phillips as England star Wayne Rooney scored the vital winning spot-kick.

© 2002-2007 Premier League

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

CEP 07/08 news

CEP Career Expansion PatchJust a quick update on the situation here at CEP: I'm waiting to receive the material from the many updaters we gathered around the world to update the leagues to the 2007/08 season. In the meanwhile I'm personally working on updating the leagues that already started with the new rosters, while I'm updating the rosters I'm creating the miniheads for the teams I update so you will find more detail in the next version of the CEP; you can find the leagues updated in the Status page.

I plan to release an 07/08 update during the month of September/October, if you want to participate to the process of updating please contact me at With the next release we should provide the new version of Kit Addon too, with the kits updated to the 2008 season. And of course, this new version will be the basis for the 2008 version of CEP.

Have good vacations :)

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NK FOOTBALL © World Evolution 5 - Play-Test review

NK FOOTBALL © NewsNK FOOTBALL © World Evolution 5 is almost here. A play-test for SoccerGaming's Tizmo gave him the opportunity to write up this review. He was sent an exclusive beta before it went public.

Hold on to your seats guys, the latest NK FOOTBALL © update, World Evolution 5 is almost out! This update offers a much more realistic experience. Imagine watching a Premier League match on TV, for example, this season's opener, Sunderland AFC vs. Tottenham FC. When playing with WE5, it really feels like you could be watching the match on TV!

The scores are very realistic. Most games will be in the range of 1-0, 2-0, 2-1 etc. Though on occasion you can crush the enemy, or get crushed by them, which happens in real life. Remember Man-UTD vs. AS Roma in last year’s Champions League tournament?

The shot mechanic has improved and sometimes you will barely miss the opportunity to score and then you will want to attack, convert the chance and get the goal. And once you score, man is that a relief. If you still think NK's updates have got the WE3 shot mechanic, then forget WE3 and try WE5! Much more work has been done to improve in this area of play!

NK says: You’re right; a lot of work went into the shot mechanic to ensure gamers that the last update for FIFA 07™ would be the best and most realistic. The shot mechanic was at the top of the list.

Ball physics are sharper. For example; Cross too hard and your player will fail the trap and the ball will roll out of the pitch. This adds unpredictability to the physics.

NK says: Aaar yes, the ball physics. It’s a footballers dream to receive a perfect long-pass from open play and catch it at the tip of his toe, only to find the defence don’t want the ball and wish him all the best as they wave him on...and then he wakes up. Sadly, this didn’t used to be a dream for the players’ of FIFA 07™, but now they can get real! Sorry guys, you better learn how to pass.

Remember in the EURO 2004 when Beckham missed 3 penalties by shooting the ball over the net? Well, players don't miss THAT badly in WE5, but sometimes, players do make mistakes and remember, Ronaldinho is not perfect, so sometimes he will miss as well!

NK says: And too right he should miss! Just because you hold down the finesse button, doesn’t mean it’s only the keeper who can stop it from there on. There’s a lot more pressure in WE5 and you’ve got to have the space and time to perform!

NK sent me an exclusive play-test version of the latest beta, so it will still be improved!

Without these updates from NK, FIFA 07™ would have been nothing!

FIFA 08™ is close to being released, so you can also expect to see NK’s updates for FIFA 08™!

Click here to download WE5 beta6.3!

Watch this great goal I scored using the latest beta!


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Compilation of the Month News - Wepeeler's "Twiztid Misses" Compilation

Check out our latest regular installment from compilation king Wepeeler. Instead of his usual goal compilation, here is a video featuring some unfortunate misses. Sit back and enjoy.

Have you created any great FIFA/UEFA Champions League goal compilations? If you have just add your videos to this group created on YouTube, and every month we will have a poll in this thread to determine which compilation will be crowned the "Compilation of the Month".

Get those videos in now to have a chance of being named a winner of the "Compilation of the Month".

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Friday, August 3, 2007

Sweetpatch TV News - Only 1 week to go to launch of new Website and i31

Sweetpatch TV News - Only 1 week to go to launch of new Website and i31Only 1 week to go now folks until our brand new website Sweetpatch TV (www.Sweetpatch.TV) will be launched at the i31 gaming event at Newbury Racecourse, UK.

The new site will then be ready for the brand new English Premier League season starting that weekend, the build up to FIFA 08 and also coverage over the 4 day event of i31 (which includes the official UK qualifiers of FIFA 07 for the World Cyber Games).

At i31 they will also be hosting the National Finals of the World Cyber Games where amongst this years featured games is FIFA 07. Regional and online FIFA 07 qualifiers have been taking place and the current list of qualifiers include:

  • Trafford Centre, Manchester:
    • Mark Halsall
    • David Sadler
  • Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent
    • Chris Bullard
    • Michael Barrett
  • Online Qualifiers
    • 1st - Gordon Hislop
    • 2nd - Paul Boggett

Remember, it's not too late to qualify! A Last Chance day of qualification is being run at i31 on Friday 10th August on a 'turn up and play' basis. The winner of the National Final will represent the UK at the World Cyber Games finals in Seattle in October.

Also, with our new motto being "For the Community by the Community", its not too late for you to join all the other people who have become involved in the last few weeks and joined our team. We are here for you to become very easily involved with contributing to your FIFA gaming community (and see the new site before anyone else in the world!).

Excited? Click here if you would like to be a part of this brand new era at Sweetpatch TV.

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GamerZine News - All the latest issues free for you this weekend

GamerZine News - All the latest issues free for you this weekend This weekend we have all your latest free online magazines for the PS3, PC, Xbox 360, DS and PSP, courtesy of GamerZines.

P3Zine Issue 5 - PlayStation 3
The latest issue offers a special E3 report outlining Sony's plans for the PlayStation 3 and includes a cover preview of Killzone 2. Also in the issue an update on GTA IV and an exclusive interview on Heavenly Sword. Reviews include Rainbow Six Vegas, Harry Potter and Transformers as well as a roundup of PSN games. Essential reading for PS3 gamers.

PCGZine Issue 8 - PC Games
With Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 arriving on PC, their cover review shows it was worth the wait, but this issue also has previews of Assassin's Creed (and every gamer, PC or console, should check this one out because it's vying for Game of the Year), Hellgate: London and Gears of War for PC. Go get it now!

360Zine Issue 8 - Xbox 360
Xbox 360 gamers get a treat in this issue as it includes an exclusive interview (with full audio version) and preview of Bioshock, self dubbed "future of the fps". Also in this mega-preview issue is a look at Fable 2, the RPG we're all waiting for, and GTA IV, Splinter Cell: Conviction and reviews of Overlord and The Darkness. Download it now to feed your Xbox 360 passion!

HGZine Issue 6 - DS and PSP
With summer holidays here, grab this copy of Handheld GamerZine to get the lowdown on the games to grab to take away with you on your PSP and DS. As well as reviews of all the summer games, they've got previews of Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber, Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass, R-Type Tactics and Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars.

Download your free copy of any of the GamerZines by clicking on the magazine link in the text above and then enjoy all of this great free content.

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

FIFA News - Would you like a "Create-a-play" feature for FIFA?

FIFA News - Would you like a Create-a-play feature for FIFA?Over in the EA Sports UK Forums there has been a great poll started looking at your views on if you would like to see a "Create-a-play" feature (as included in the NHL series, click here to see video).

In short, you know how you can call for run support by pressing Q on keyboard (L1 on gamepad) and players would simply run forward in a predetermined path. Well, this feature (create-a-play) lets you define the paths for each player to run to (of course if there's a defender in the middle he'll move around him). So you can do tons of things like switching the two wingers (left goes to right, right goes to left) or anything really.

You choose a general area to where you can activate the runs, and during the game you simply click one button and players will start following the path you gave them.

Online, it'd probably give more fun to games having to play against people each with their own unique tactics even though they're using the same formation.

Get on over and place your vote and join in the excellent discussion that is developing by clicking here.

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Goal of the Month News - We Have a Winner for June

Goal of the Month News - We Have a Winner for JuneAfter a bit of a disappointing vote this month in the June Goal of the Month Competition, in the end there was a fitting winner with 33% of your votes.

The winner was YeapyR's fantastic first time long range volley by Thierry Henry.

A massive thanks goes out to Wepeeler who stepped in at very short notice to make this competition possible.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

FIFA 08 News - PS2 Hands-On Preview

FIFA 08 News - PS2 Hands-On PreviewOver at GameSpot they have been lucky enough to have a kick-about with the PS2 version of FIFA 08.

All of the subtle additions mean that you have a lot to think about as you play this year's FIFA. Sure, the trademark polish remains intact and it's as easy as ever to dribble the ball around, but the designers are set to offer the edge to those players who are willing to learn the extra moves. This isn't the last FIFA game that will be made for the PlayStation 2, expect the games to continue for another couple of years at least, but the team looks like it's on track to produce the definitive version for the platform so far.

Check out the full preview by clicking here.

Excited by what you have seen so far of FIFA 08 on the PS2? Then why not pre-order your copy today by either clicking here or visiting our Sweetpatch Shops (UK, US, World).

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Goal of the Month News - Last Day to Vote for your June Goal of the Month

Goal of the Month News - Last Day to Vote for your June Goal of the MonthHave you got your vote in yet for our very popular Goal of the Month Competition for June? Today is the last day to get your vote in for the June Goal of the Month competition.

The final 5 are as follows:

  1. Morientes by AmIBovverredG
  2. Essien by Evbaram2
  3. Anderson by Onfire90
  4. Smith by Wepeeler
  5. Henry by YeapyR

To vote you just need to use the Poll at the top of this thread.

Get your votes in now folks as this is the last day to select your favourite goal and to see who will be crowned June Goal of the Month champion.

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